Fortnite Halloween – Fortnitemares Quest Rewards 2022

Fortnite Halloween Event – Fortnitemares 2022 has started and we have some cool spooky Fortnitemare activities and Quests to sink our teeth into!

  • There is a Wolf DJ at the Reality Tree, larging it up and turning players into “wolf-like monsters”
  • There are some new Quests for Howler Claws that grant you some abilities including a 4-hit combo melee attack.
  • The Howler claws also perform a Air Slash while jumping and deals damage when you land
  • We also see a ZERO build (YAY for Zero Build Quests) Horde Rush Activity, this is gunna be so fun.
  • There is also a teared Quest line called Everything’s End

What are the Fortnite Halloween Quest Rewards in Fortnitemares?

Day 13 of Fortnightmares and 25 Quests Completed. We are done and all 3 rewards collected!

Fortnitemares Quests Bonus Goals 2022
Fortnitemares Quests Bonus Goals 2022

Glider Quest Completed

Fortnite - Everything's End Glider
Fortnite – Everything’s End Glider

Back Bling Quest Completed and you can edit the style to 2 designs, very sumulare though. Would ahve been cool to have 2 rib designs

Fortnite - Everything's End Back Bling
Fortnite – Everything’s End Back Bling

Day 13 and 25 Quest completed, finaly get the Living Metal – Unmaker Harvesting Tool

Living Metal - Unmaker Harvesting Tool 
Living Metal – Unmaker Harvesting Tool

What are the Fortnite Halloween Quests?

  • Dance on an Alteration Altar to get the Howler Claws
    • These are marked on the map (check below) if you “track the Quest” Land on the location, Hit B while standing on the platform
  • Hit an opponent while Wolfscent is active
    • This requires the Howler Claws, collect those from the Altar.
      • Left Click to Attack with the claws
      • Right Click to Use Wolfscent and track other players
    • When Wolfscent is active, you will see a Red/Purple DOT if a player is close, go hunt them down
  • Help defeat Inkquisitor at Grom Gables
    • You will find her in the basement of the house.
      • She spawns soon as you step into the markings on the floor. Watch out!
      • She uses Epic level weapons and will normally drop what she is using.
      • She is hard to solo, so maybe dues or more is better for this one.
      • Attack Only, when you have plenty of ammo
  • Search chests at Grom Gables, the Reality Tree, or the Knowby Cabin
    • Normal open chests quest
  • Dance with Chrome Punk
    • Head to Flutter Barn on the South desert are of the Island. Look for the Chromed Pumpkin Head Character, he will be walking around the floating building. Make sure you have a dance emoji ready to go, the default one is great as its short. Dance and run before you get eliminated
  • Acquire the Zero Point Pretzel effect
    • When you find Chrome Punk, Buy 3 Pretzels from him.  Munch on these for Super high jump effect when you double jump.
  • Dig up and collect Terrifying Tablature in a single match Reward: Music Track
    • Back to Grim Gables, were looking for some piles of dirt on the ground. Dig them up with your Axe / harvesting tool and collect the tablet, do this 4 times in one match
  • Hunt zombies or zombie chickens
    • Yummy Zombie chickens – Find them all over the map but a lot around Grim Gables. Why would you eat the meat they drop? surely this should reduce your HP!
  • Purchase a shotgun from Ash Williams
    • Head to Ash’s Cabin and buy the Shotgun he has for sale. His cabin is to the east of the Reality Tree
  • Deal shotgun damage at the Knowby Cabin, Willow’s Haunt, or Grim Gabls
    • Kill a few zombies while your there
  • Ring a doorbell until it breaks to get a treat (or a trick!)
    • Check the Island map and Track the Quest, Find a house with a door bell, keep clicking on it until it breaks
  • Destroy haunted household furniture
    • Go to one of the houses, the one with the door bell should be fine, chop up some furniture. Reward: Chromic Tendrils Contrails
  • Purchase items from Curdle Scream Leader
    • Check the track quests button and look at the map, drop at the location, you will find them walking around outside the house on the path way. They are in a Pumpkin head skin.
    • Purchase 2 items from Curdle Scream leader
  • Destroy objects with a Pumpkin Launcher
    • One of the items you can buy from the Curdle Scream leader is the Pumpkin Launcher
    • Get a Pumpkin Launcher and do some damage, you will need about 6-8 rockets.
  • Help defeat Willow at Willow’s Haunt
    • Head to her cabin north west of Reality Tree, plenty of people drop here doing he quest, so watch out
      • If you see some fire fly jars, burn the house down
      • Do a little damage to her and then leg it, some one else will finish her off, you still get the result
  • Throw candy from a vehicle
    • Collect some candy (AKA Sweets) and drive along and lob them out the window. You can even do this in the passenger seat while the car is stationary
  • Read epitaphs at different goofy gravestones
    • Head to any of the graveyards show via Track Quests, inspect some gravestones. You need to visit 3
  • Destroy jack-o’-lanterns with a ranged weapon. Reward: Wall Spray – The Chicken Returns 
    • Any weapon will do for this, just not your axe. I found the most pumpkins at Greasy Grove.
  • Gain shields with Jelly Beans
    • Find some Jelly Beans,  Yumm them up. You will find these around door ways at the candy stations Halloween displays and in pumpkin jack-O-lantern buckets, smash them to reveal the sweets. You wont always get Jelly Beans so you might have to try a few locations.
  • Gain a speed boost by eating Pepper Mint candy
    • Find the Peppermint candy and yum it up to get the speed boost. Buy from some of the NPC Vendors or collect from the Halloween displays at front doors, the larger houses always have one.
  • Honk a vehicle’s horn at Grim Gables and the Knowby Cabin. Reward: Wallpaper 
    • Get in a vehicle and drive to both the location, no need for both in one match, honk that horn. Both are marked on the map via Track Quest
  • Dance at a lit campfire at night
    • Find a camp fire, light it, wait for night, do a dance, the basic dance works fine if that’s all you have
  • Dance while Chromed at Grim Gables, the Knowby Cabin, or Willow’s Haunt
    • Find some Chrome Splash and chrome yourself, then have a little dance
  • Dance within 20 meters of an enemy player for 3 seconds
    • The easyest way to do this in Duos or Trio, once you have knocked a player, dont eleminate them right away, run over and Dance next to them to really taunt them. You could also do your dance while in a box fight in build mode, can easily be done when fighting a noob
  • Dance with Characters for 10 seconds
    • Dance with any NPC for 10 seconds, any emote dance will work
  • Talk to a Character to get a Prop Disguise
    • Drop at any of the 3 locations and talk to the local NPC for the disguise. You can only get 1 disguise per NPC per game
  • Jump while you have the Hop Drop low gravity effect
    • Grab some Hop Drop Sweet and go for a Jump
  • Fly with a zombie chicken
    • Grab a chicken and Jump!


How do you complete Fortnite Halloween Quests Rewards?

We now have the new Halloween Quest line available in the main quest screen and the rewards look pretty cool. We get 14 Days to complete all 25 tasks for the 3 rewards

  • Everything’s End Glider – 5 Tasks Completed
  • Chrome Cage Back Blin – 13 Tasks Completed
  • Unmaker Pickaxe – All 25 Tasks Completed
Fortnitemares Quests Rewards 2022
Fortnitemares Quests Rewards 2022


Where are the Alteration Altar Locations for Fortnite Halloween Quests

Here are the Alteration Altar locations so you can collect the Howler Claws, you can use these once collect at any time, not just for the first quest.

Fortnitemares Alterationaltar Map Locations 2022
Fortnitemares Alterationaltar Map Locations 2022

What is the Horde Rush – Zero Build in Fortnite Halloween?

The Hord Ruch is just insane!  You start off at one of the main locations on the Fortnite Island and given a 2m30seconds to get some weapons and ammo. Then the storm closes in and the Horde comes.

Once the First way is defeated the storm then moves, so your not just contending with Horde, low ammo, not getting hit but now a moving storm! This is gunna be fun

The Horde Rush Quests
The Horde Rush Quests

How to defeat the Horde Rush

First off you are going to need to know what everything does on this new adventure.

Collecting the Pink Multiplier Bonus Gems increases your score, I do not believe it increases damage done by weapons. Collecting them adds another level of multiplier to the team.  The also explode doing radius damage to the Horde when collected. I have managed to collect up to x8 multiplier so far, post below if you reached higher!

Fortnitemares Multiplier 2022
Fortnitemares Multiplier 2022

Spawn Towers – These are where the Horde spawn from, destroy these and limit the horde, they also leave a Epic Chest when they are destroyed. I found the Buzz Saws work really well against these or the Howler Claws

Fortnitemares Horde Rush Spawn Towers 2022
Fortnitemares Horde Rush Spawn Towers 2022

What is Fortnitemares?

Fortnitemares is the play on words name for the Fortnite Halloween Special Event. See what they did with it?   Fortnite + Nightmares = Fortnitemares

Fortnitemaes will offer all the normal scary costume skins as well as some new quests. Hopefully we will see some of the island updated to cover the Spooky holiday.

Fortnite Fortnitemares Halloween Event 2022
Fortnite Fortnitemares Halloween Event 2022

What is new in Fortnite Halloween 2022?

We going to be seeing some great events unfold over the next 2 weeks, including

  • DJ Lyka at the reality Tree Spinning the Decks
  • Howler Claws introduced that have newly seen combo attach abilities
  • A Wolf Sixth sense ability to help you sense approaching prey….  err I mean players
  • Zero Build Horde Rush – This is gunna be my favourite and will last until November 15th
  • Special Horde Rush Quest – ill be on the look out for sure
  • Unvaulting of Candy and Pumpkin Launcher
  • More Quest for Extra XP and pleasant surprises…  doesn’t sound good!
  • New Halloween Skins inspired by players

And more…

When is the Fortnite Halloween Event start and end date in 2022

Fortnitemares starts on 18th October and will run untill November 1st


Fortnite Halloween Battle Bus

The Battle Bus always gets a makeover on an event and this one is truely awsome!

Fortnitemares Battlebus 2022
Fortnitemares Battlebus 2022


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