EverQuest 2 – Amazing Adventures

EverQuest 2 seemed to be the long awaited update to the graphics engine that EverQuest 1 so desperately needed! New graphics engine, amazing models, super textures but still with that EverQuest play-style.  Having played EQ1 since release, we knew the format, setup, layout, Lore and so jumped into EQ2 soon as it was released in Nov 2004.  We was going to give EQ2 4 weeks of solid play before making a decision to jump to World of WarCraft or not. If you have read my World of WarCraft section you know i jumped to WoW

It wasn’t that the graphics were bad or it didn’t meet expectations, or the quests were lame, it just wasnt EQ1, simple as that. I managed to get to level 50 and had joined a guild and started to progress nicely into the game but it just didn’t fill that void of EQ1,  my first MMORPG!  I am sure there will be players out there that first played EQ2 and then tried other MMORPG and have felt the same way and now say “its just not EQ2″, that was the best” and i realise now that a lot of the thrill was it being the thrill of the unknown, something new and the people you met along the adventure.

EverQuest 2 does live up to the original in that it has all the great features of EQ1 but with a newly updated story line to the Lore and better graphics.

This is not a guide to EQ2 but more like a technical list of all the options, commands, scripts, macro etc that you can play with within the game.


EverQuest 2 – Chat & Chat Channels

EverQuest 2 – Emotes & Moods

EverQuest 2 – Group / Guild / Raid Commands

EverQuest 2 – Interface Commands

EverQuest 2 – Macros

EverQuest 2 – Slash Commands

EverQuest 2 – Targeting and Movement Commands

EverQuest 2 – Character Appearance

EverQuest 2 – Combat Commands

EverQuest 2 – Pet and Mercenary commands

EverQuest 2 – Video/Graphical Display Commands/Settings


EverQuest 2 Free to Play

EQ1 and EQ2 are on Free to play via EQ2 Steam Download

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