Anarchy Online – Help, Pet, System and Team Commands

Anarchy Online has some great features command features to enhance your experience.  Some great pet commands as well as team commands can be found here.

Getting help

General chat command help/help
Basic chat commands/chathelp
Pet commands/pet help
Team commands/team help
Organization commands/org help


Pet commands

Help on pet commands/pet help
Follow master/pet follow
Attack target/pet attack
Retreat from combat/pet behind
Look for any valid target, attack and repeat/pet hunt
Guard current spot/pet guard
Wait (stay, but don’t attack anything)/pet wait
Report health and fighting target/pet report
Rename pet/pet rename {name}
Talk/pet chat {message}
Heal target (if able to)/pet heal
Terminate/pet terminate


System commands

Target self/selectself
Create macro button/macro {button text} {chat command}
Show time playing the character/played
Terminate self (health =} 0)/terminate
Auto-follow target/follow
Start logout/camp
Quit the game (link dead)/quit
Change view distance/viewdist {%}
Change character view distance/chardist {%}
Change both the above/char&viewdist {%}


Team Commands

Help on team commands/team help
Change looting system/team loot
Currently there are three looting systems: all (everyone can loot), alpha (alphabetical order) and leader (leader takes all).

Anarchy Online – Help, Pet, System and Team Commands

Any commands we missed please leave a comment for us to update

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