Final Fantasy XIV Online – FFXIV – Still Looking Great after 10 Years

Final Fantasy XIV or FFXVI for short is another great MMORPG that was released in 2010 and still looks pretty good even by today standards.  It boasts a huge amount of content and a massive player base and add in the fantastic combat system that has been perfected over a few Final Fantasy releases and you have the combination for a terrific game.

During combat we see some nice multi-button combo’s that can be used during combat, something we don’t see at all in EQ and only to a small amount during WoW.  It does take a bit of practice and you can actually stack combat moves to increase speed, damage and power.  Some classes have more combo’s than others so i would suggest trying a few until you find a class you wish to level to the end game. There is an option to switch classes but only the once.

Free to play for 30 days via Steam Download of Final Fantasy XIV Online – FFXIV After that its a monthly subscription to continue online game play. If you sign up via the Final Fantasy XIV Online official page you get a Free trial upto lvl 30-35.

Subscription in the EU is a little different as we require the PAL version. This needs a  European & other Regions Square Enix Account to play.

There is a great deal of “How to Guides” available on the internet and so this is more like a reference guide to the console commands you will need to know while progressing through Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXIV – Slash Commands

FFXIV – Targeting Commands

FFXIV – Facial Expression Emotes

FFXIV – FFXIV – Emotes


Final Fantasy XIV Online – FFXIV

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