Fantasy MMORPG – A Great way to Escape

MMORPG is an acronym for  “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”

For me these games would be a online game with at least 1000+ simultaneous players in a single world or realm. The game can be medieval based with knight, castle, plate armour, wizards and mages (Game of Thrones Style) or it could be more Sci-Fi and be based (Star Wars / Star Trek) in space with space ships, jump drives, planets to visit and epic battle to be fort. Either way these are all online and based in a fantasy world that lets you escape the normal day here on earth. Your new role in a new world lets you be someone else you would not normally be and for me this is better than watching scripted TV.

There are 1000’s of MMORPG games to play and try and i would recommend trying a few before deciding to commit to a game long term. If you have not all-ready setup a Steam Account then you should as this platform has 30,000+ games with some being Free to Play to get you started. There is then options to pay for additional features, bonuses and in-game money if you would like to progress your character even further or faster.

I have played both the subscription based role playing games ($$ per month every month regardless if you login or not but you have open access to all content) and in-game purchase role playing game (purchases with real $$$ epic items, currency, materials with Steam credits) over the years and i have no view if one is better than the other. Some games suit either option and its all down to personal preference.

What ever online role playing game you choose in what ever setting or universe make sure your having fun in the game or with your real life friends, as soon as a game is not fun anymore its time to switch to something new.

Safety Note: DO NOT ever give out personally details to anyone you meet online while role playing or gaming. You have no idea who they really are or what there true extensions might be.



My list of Fantasy MMORPG i play

Some i still do and some more than others…

Age of Conan: Unchained

Anarchy Online

Dark Age of Camelot


EverQuest 2

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XIV

Guild Wars

Guild Wars 2

Lineage 2

Ragnarok Online


Ultima Online

World of Warcraft

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