Ultima Online – 20+ Classic Years

Ultima Online (OU) is from way back in 1997 and before a lot of predecessors have come and gone.  It was created using a simalure game play to that of Golden Sun and then followed up another extreamly populare Ragnarok Online where we see 2D graphical characters running around a flat 3D (sort of) world.  At the time it had a huge following due to it being one of a kind but todays this is showing signs of age.

Ultima Online
Ultima Online Logo courtesy of Steam

OU still has a huge following due to content still being realeased and options for Free to Play for old players returning. There are endless “how to guides” and leveling techniques for you to read and watch. So this is not a guide on how to play but more of a reference guide to look up those commands you just cant recall from the back of your mind.

Ultima Online is NOT avaiable on Steam but is available to download from Ultima Online Offical Site. How ever it is Free to Play via a Ultima Online: Endless Journey version where we see a limited capacity OU for you to get started on. If  you then decide to stay then a monthly subscription is required. There are 2 version of the client, the standard and an Enhanced version, i ahve never realy decided on what one is better so i would recomend you try both, even if you are a returning player, its down to personal preference.


Ultima Online – What Commands you will need to know

Here is information that I had to look up from time to time to help me progress through the game as i played and is helpful to have to hand.

Ultima Online – 11 Essential Commands

Ultima Online – 12 Essential NPC Commands

Ultima Online – 16 Essential Shortcut Keys or Hot Keys

Ultima Online – 20 Essential Hireling Commands

Ultima Online – 26 Essential Chat Commands

Ultima Online – 8 Essential House Commands

Ultima Online – 8 Essential Pet Commands

Ultima Online – Boat and Ferry Commands

Ultima Online – Factions

Ultima Online – Named NPC Commands

Ultima Online – Shrines / Karma

Ultima Online – Vendor Commands


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