Review – Family Friendly Games for Free

Finding free browser based online games for the kids to play these days is no easy task. I lot of sites are inapproprate for  children and sometimes contain viruses, Malware or Crypto minering software. The internet is not a safe place so always check so called free sites with the Google Safe Browsing site status before you or the kinds start playing.

After searching for sometime i came across  Plays.Org – Play Our Free Browser-Based Online Games     It Passed the Google Safe Browsing test so i got stuck in, i think i have spent more time playing the games then the kids have!

For free games i was really supprised at the quality of the content they have and i found myself reminiscing about games gone by that these reminded me of, nothing to be concerned about, just shwoing my age as iam taking about games on the Atari ST from the 1980’s

So far i have tested the games on Windows 10, iPhone 2020SE and my old Ipad 4th Gen. Only 1 game gave me any problems.

My Top 5 Games on

Here are my 5 top favorite games on the site in no paticular order.

TIP: To get the larger full browser version, look for the text below the game like this, click on the “here”

Free Browser-Based Online Games

Endless Siege – Tower Defence Game Online

If you have never played a tower defence game this is a great place to start. You will find yourself hooked on TD Games and be coming back for more. It has a map rotation system so you get a new one every day. And dont forget to upgrade your Canons!

Endless Siege - Tower Defence Game Online

Endless Siege - Upgrading










Star Wars – Rogue One – Boots on the Ground

An arial view shooter where you take control of a unit of rebels to complete missions to assist the allience. Its fairly easy to get into with its “point and click” controlls but keeps you hooked enough that you want to keep completing missions and getting unit upgrades. This one is reminded me of Syndicate (1993 video game)

Rogue One - Boots on the Ground

Star Wars – X-Wing Fighter

I liked another Starwars game on, come on, who doesnt like Star Wars?  This time an X-wing game in the classic style of defender but now you can be an X-Wing with super power ups, huge lasers and even upgrade your X-wings health, Laser power and Laser speed. The cut scenes are well done and the accompanying music is tarrific are really gets you going.

Star Wars - X-Wing Fighter

Zombie Typing

This had me chuckling to myself as i shot my way through hordes of Zombies not by my “shoot ’em up” skills but my speed typing skills. This will be great for the kids to learn to type but have fun at the same time.  Graphics are very cartoonish and so i didnt find them scarey at all so i was fine with my kids playing this.

Plays - Zombie Typing


Brick Out

Another classic! A bat, A ball and some bricks. I first played this style of game on the Atari 2600 console, it was called Super Break out. This versions does justice to those early versions with all the classic mods and upgrades with a few new ones in for good measure.

Brick Out