EverQuest – The Best Game EVER!

EverQuest (EQ) was and still is my all time favourite game and the first MMORPG of its kind.  I was an extremely active player on Tallon Zek between Sept 1999 and Dec 2004 (2004 was when World of WarCraft was Released), yes i defected to the competition, but that’s another story. Its set in a magical medieval background where Dark Elves, Trolls and Ogre’s don’t really get on to well with the High Elves, Wood Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes and life is hard, you tend to die a lot. The main objective in EQ is to be the best you can at what ever you want to do, be that a Tank, Healer or DPS class with a hole lot of adventure adding in along the way with the main goal to have fun. I spent a lot of time just chatting to people, learning in-game languages, trade skilling, questing and my favourite PVPing.

EverQuest (or EverCrack as some call it and for a very good reason) will take your Soul if you let it. I managed to accumulate over 1 year 6 months of play time on my main character over the 5 years i plated EQ! EverQuest still haunts me today and has called me to returned to Norrath a few times and I even set up my own Project 1999 server.   Once my server was live i invited some of my old guild members to try it out (sorry guys, what have i let you in for??)  The idea was to see and finish some content we did not get the chance to see due to being on a PVP server but she is a seductive siren and drew them back to the Pay to Play world of EveryQuest and they rejoined a live server hosted by Daybreak, the now owners of EverQuest, EverQuest 2 and a bunch of other old sckool games. Seems Daybreak are collecting them…

The information i collected here over the years is not so much a guide on how to play EQ or even how to level up fast but more as a reference guide to help you on you journey through Norrath. There is a lot to playing a game like EQ and it can be quite over whelming at times, especially when you realise there are over 500 zone to visit and you think the 10 your levelling in so far are big.

I hope you find something useful in the following information all-though some of it maybe a bit out of date


EverQuest – Alternate Advancement Abilities + Codes

EverQuest – Chat Channels

EverQuest – Class Titles

EverQuest – Console Slash Commands

EverQuest – Emotes

EverQuest – Haste Buffs

EverQuest – Haste Info

EverQuest – Leader officer Raid Commands

EverQuest – Lost Dungeons of Norrath – Merchant Locations

EverQuest – Macros / Scripts

EverQuest – Permanent Haste Items

EverQuest – Shortcut Hot Keys

EverQuest – Tweaks

EverQuest – Abbreviations


Drop a comment if you know anymore commands that need to be added.





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