Age of Conan: Unchained – Slash Commands

Within the Barbaric world of Age of Conan the game has a great command console and just like the way you would use Everquest commands or World of Warcraft commands you can enter a single or string of commands all preceded with a \ to signify its an system command. Here is the complete command list for Age of Conan.

/afkAway From Keyboard
/anonToggles to make you anonymous to listings
/bornLists the Date your character was created
/bugreportBrings up the bug report window
/campStarts Logout Process
/capfpsGM Command
/carsclientGM Command
/chChats to a "Chat-Group"
/char&cviewdistGM Command
/chardistGM Command
/chsay Say something in "Chat-Group"
/claimTo claim any in game items that are available with your account
/closeGM Command
/commandtimermoveGM Command
/debugtagGM Command
/disableshGM Command
/emoteThe Emote Command
/fhelpFanatic Help
/followFollow the selected target
/gUse to talk in Group Chat
/groupUse to talk in Group Chat
/guTypes to Guild
/guiatlasGM Command
/guildUse to talk in Guild Chat
/guildsayUse to talk in Guild Chat
/helpBring up the Help System
/heroicmodeThis will take your group to the group instance of your zone if one is available
/hideUses the hide skill
/ignore {name}Puts person on Ignore List
/instanceselectionGM Command
/invite {name}Invites person to Group
/kick {name}kicks person from Group
/leaveLeaves Group
/listLists Players
/logcombatTurns on Combat Logger
/macroAllows for you to setup a macro command
/mesame as /emote
/moveplayerwithcameraGM Command
/oocOut Of Character Chat
/paintballGM Command
/petitiionOpens Gm petition system
/playedLists time played in game
/playerformationGM Command
/pointlightsGM Command
/quitQuits the game
/rUse to talk in Raid chat
/raUse to talk in Raid chat
/raidUse to talk in Raid chat
/rdbcacheGM Command
/reloadhotkeysResets the hotkey options
/reloadshaderResets the Shaders
/reloadshortcutsResets shortcuts
/replyReply to a tell
/sSame as /say
/sayTalks in open localized chat
/shoutcharacter will shout across zone
/sitcharacter will sit
/standcharacter will stand
/stuckUse this if you get stuck ina graphic glitch before petitioning
/tellPrivate message to another player

Age of Conan: Unchained – Slash, Chat and a General list of Console Commands

Free to Play via the Steam portal Age of Conan: Unchained

Drop a comment if you know anymore commands that need to be added.

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