EverQuest 2 – Slash Commands

Miscellaneous and Utility Commands

/bubble_fontsize nChanges the text size in chat bubbles to size n
/camera_recenterRe-centers the camera.
/camp, /exit, /quitExits the game
/cl_fullscreen trueWill toggle the playing window to fullscreen. (Same as alt-enter.) Alt-tab on Windows will automatically toggle fullscreen off again.
/cl_mkt_price_confirmation 750Set’s the Broker price to 7p 50g
/clear_mailboxTo clear your mailbox before a character move or if a full notice is given
/clearchatClears chat text on all tabs and windows
/clearchattab [window] [tab]Clears chat text on the tab [tab] of window [window] (name of window)
/conConsiders target (same info as is portrayed by mouse cursor)
/disToggles your experience gain
/do_file_commands c:\show_all_windows.txtWill execute commands from the file c:\show_all_windows.txt. Commands in this file must not have a preceding slash.
/filterToggles the obscenity filter
/finditemOpens a search window where you can search your entire inventory, including bank and house vault, for items by their name. If an item name is supplied, it will search for all items that match.
/friend [Player name]Adds or removes the name from your friend list
/get_coinsShows the amounts of platinum, gold, silver and copper you currently possess on your person.
/ignore[Player name]Adds or removes the name from your ignore list
/killCommit suicide
/logSaves text to a .txt file
/medals_show_allToggles displaying full achievement chains in the journal. The default is off displaying only the highest rank awarded for each achievement chain.
/men Note: if you do not explicitly right-click and "mentor" another player, you will get the window for your choice of mentored level.
/mentor You can either specify the name of a player that you are grouped with but not in the same zone with, target another player and use the command, or right-click the player (or their name in the group window) and select to mentor and mirror their character level. When grouped with multiple players, each of a different level, this command will open a window asking you to whom you wish to mentor.
/moodChanges your mood to the selection. Moods remain constant until changed. Options include: afraid, happy, sad, tired, angry, none
/motdShows you the game message of the day
/open_next_hotbarOpens up another Hotbar in your UI
/pizzaNow sends you to the preorder EQ2 Collectors Edition webpage
/playedShows you your character played time information
/random 1 100Random number between 1 and 100
/researchOpens up the Research windows
/show_account_featuresShows all active features of the account (Expansions and Adventure packs)
/showhoodToggles the visibility of your headgear appearing to others
/sitMakes your character sit
/standMakes your character stand
/target [name]Selects target of choice
/timeShows you in-game and real life time
/togglebagsIf your bags are all open, closes them; if they are closed, opens them.
/togglebeastlordwindowToggles the display of the Beastlord's Primal abilities button bar
/togglebrokerToggles the broker window, optional way it is to open it from the eq2 button
/togglechannelerwindowToggles the display of the Channeler's abilities button bar
/toggledissonancewindowToggles the display of the Channeler's disonnance bar
/togglehouseinventoryOpens your House Inventory if you are in a House or Guild Hall. You must own a house before your House Inventory is usable.
/togglesavagerywindowToggles the display of the Beastlord's Savagery progress bar
/unmentorThis cancels mentoring and chronomages' auto-mentor, returning you to your actual level.
/welcome_infoOpens welcome Screen
/yellBreaks your encounter and yells for help
~Autoattack Toggle
Interact/UseDouble left-click on object or character in worldview or F
Print ScreenScreen Shot


Character Status Flags

/afk [message]Returns the message you wish a player to see while you are away
/anonAnonymous, hide class/level/etc
/lfgAdds you to the looking for group search results
/roleRoleplaying flag


Who command & Example Uses

/who allCan be many things (good, evil, roleplay, scout, bard, dirge, 30 40, 30, friends)
/who all GMWill bring up a list of GMs (currently bugged and showing some non-gm players too)
/WhotargetWill run a /who on your target
just /, or /whoWill bring up a list of people currently in the same zone as you


Feedback Commands

/bugFor programming bugs
/feedbackFor ideas, suggestions, comments
/petitionReport illeagal activity
/typoAllows you to submit cosmetic typos


Ability commands

/useability Minor AidWill execute the spell or ability Minor Aid on your current or implied target.
/useabilityonplayer Exultavit Minor AidWill execute the spell or ability Minor Aid on player Exultavit.
/useabilityonmerc Exultavit Minor AidWill execute the spell or ability Minor Aid on the merc of player Exultavit.
/useabilityonmerc Krivok Minor AidWill execute the spell or ability Minor Aid on merc Krivok.
/useabilityonrt CureWill execute Cure on the last person who send you a /tell without changing target
/cancel_spellcastCancels the spell currently being cast (both commands perform the same function)
/clearabilityqueueClears your current spell/ability queue
/cancel_maintained AegolismCancels a maintained spell, if more than one of the same name is active, they are canceled in the order they were cast.


Use Commands

/use_equipped_item 0primary
/use_equipped_item 1secondary
/use_equipped_item 2head
/use_equipped_item 3chest
/use_equipped_item 4shoulders
/use_equipped_item 5forearms
/use_equipped_item 6hands
/use_equipped_item 7legs
/use_equipped_item 8feet
/use_equipped_item 9left ring
/use_equipped_item 10right ring
/use_equipped_item 11ear slot 1
/use_equipped_item 12ear slot 2
/use_equipped_item 13neck
/use_equipped_item 14left wrist
/use_equipped_item 15right wrist
/use_equipped_item 16ranged
/use_equipped_item 17ammo
/use_equipped_item 18waist
/use_equipped_item 19cloak
/use_equipped_item 20charm slot 1
/use_equipped_item 21charm slot 2
/use_equipped_item 22food
/use_equipped_item 23drink
/use_itemvdl 136666185Uses Robust Elemental Potion

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