WoW Combat Commands / 41 of the Essential’s

WoW Combat Commands
Simple Melee Attack Macros

WoW Combat Commands really are an essential part of the World of Warcraft experience, i mean, it has it in the game title, WAR!  So as you would expect there is going to be a lot of fighting going on and as such you need to have the right commands at your finger tips.

A lot of the WoW Combat Commands over lap with the WoW Group Commands and even the Raid Commands, so you will find some of the commands listed here and on other pages.

We start here with all the party and raid commands, these are for setting up main assist, main tank and adding markers for players or mobs. These commands are typed direct into the chat window or can be used in WoW Macros setups just like other WoW Commands.




What WoW Combat Commands for Grouping or Raiding do you need to know?

Here you will find all the main WoW Combat Commands, grouping and raiding commands you will ever need, unless your the party or group leader.

Clears the current Main Assist
Clears the current Main Tank
Clears world markers
/ffaSets loot to Free for All
/groupSets loot to Group Loot
Invites a player to your party or raid
Sets Main Assist
Sets Main Tank
/masterSets loot to master loot
/needbeforegreedSets Loot to Need before Greed
Promotes player to party/raid leader
/raidinfoShows the instances you are saved too and instance ID
/readycheckAsk the group or raid if they are ready
/roundrobinSets loots to round robin
/startattackStarts Melee Attack.
Sets or clears current target marker
/thresholdSets loot threshold to apply loot rules
Removed player from party or raid
Allows placement for world markers


What are the WoW Combat Targeting Commands?

WoW targeting Commands are used to set your focus and let your fellow party or raid members know what targets you are currently fighting or what mobs will be fighting next.  They are also used for targeting NPC or players via the commands line for “quick targeting”

If you wanted a quick way to target the Main Tank you could use the command,  /target [Player name]  where player name is the name of your main tank. This way you dont need to cycle through lists of players or try and click on them amongst a crowd of mobs. Now make this command a /macros and assign to a Hot Key.

WoW Target Marker
Adding a WoW Target Marker

One of the most usful commands in WoW is setting WoW Target Marking. This allows the main Assist to place markers above the targets so your party knows what mobs are coming next.

Target your mob you wish to fight next and “right click” the mobs portrate. Then hover over “TargetMarker text” and select the icon you wish to display to your group. Here i have used a Skull as the next target to fight and you can see a floating skill now over the mob.



WoW Focus Target
Setting Friend Focus Target

From the targets portrait menu you can also choose to set a focus target. This is very handing as a healer class when you still need to keep track of the Boss Mobs health or its combat stance. This is handing when fighting mobs that frenzy or flurry

Here i have set a friendly mob as a focus target and an additional portrait has apear then i can then “focus” on very easily.




Targets a player's target
/clearfocusClears current focus
/cleartargetClears current target
/FocusSets a focus target
Tagret Player or NPC by name
/targetenemyTarget hostile NPC by name
/targetenemyplayerTarget hostile player by name
/targetexactTarget by exact name
/targetfriendTarget friendly by name
/targetfriendplayerTarget friendly player by name
/targetlastenemyTarget the last attackable target you had targeted
/targetlastfriendTarget the last friendly target you had targeted
/targetlasttargetTarget the last target you had targeted
/targetpartyTarget a party member by name
/targetraidTarget a raid member by name


What are the WoW Pet Commands?

A Few classes in WoW use Pets and so need a unique set of commands to control there pet, just like you would control an obedient dog. Some fo the commands work within a /macros but a few dont and can only be make to a Shortcut Hot Key with a single line command. Pet classes will have to experiment to find what works best for them.

/petassistPet will assist attcking your target
/petattackPet will attack your target
/petautocastoffTurns off auto casting spells for caster pets
/petautocastonTurns on auto casting spells for caster pets
/petautocasttoggleToggles auto casting spells for caster pets
/petdefensivePet will defend you at all costs
/petfollowPet will follow you
/petmovetoPet will move to your targeted location
/petpassivePet will become passive
/petstayPet will sit and stay


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