World of Warcraft – 42 Essential Combat Commands

WoW Combat Commands for your Party or Raid

Clears the current Main Assist
Clears the current Main Tank
Clears world markers
/ffaSets loot to Free for All
/groupSets loot to Group Loot
Invites a player to your party or raid
Sets Main Assist
Sets Main Tank
/masterSets loot to master loot
/needbeforegreedSets Loot to Need before Greed
Promotes player to party/raid leader
/raidinfoShows the instances you are saved too and instance ID
/readycheckAsk the group or raid if they are ready
/roundrobinSets loots to round robin
Sets or clears current target marker
/thresholdSets loot threshhold to apply loot rules
Allows placement for world markers
Removed player from party or raid


WoW Combat Targeting Commands

/assist /aTargets a player's target
/target /tarTagret Player or NPC by name
clearfocusClears current focus
cleartargetClears current target
FocusSets a focus target
targetenemyTarget hostile NPC by name
targetenemyplayerTarget hostile player by name
targetexactTarget by exact name
targetfriendTarget friendly by name
targetfriendplayerTarget friendly player by name
targetlastenemyTarget the last attackable target you had targeted
targetlastfriendTarget the last friendly target you had targeted
targetlasttargetTarget the last target you had targeted
targetpartyTarget a party member by name
targetraidTarget a raid member by name


WoW Pet Commands

petassistPet will assist attcking your target
petattackPet will attack your target
petautocastoffTurns off auto casting spells for caster pets
petautocastonTurns on auto casting spells for caster pets
petautocasttoggleToggles auto casting spells for caster pets
petdefensivePet will defend you at all costs
petfollowPet will follow you
petmovetoPet will move to your targeted location
petpassivePet will become passive
petstayPet will sit and stay

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