EverQuest 2 – Pet and Mercenary commands

Pet Commands

/pet attackPet will attack your current target
/pet backoffPet will cease attacking its target
/pet follow mePet will follow you
/pet getlostPet will disappear
/pet guardherePet will guard its current location
/pet guardmePet will guard and follow you
/pet hideHides your pet
/pet meleeYour pet will use melee attacks
/pet preserve_masterpet will protect you from new attackers
/pet preserve_selfpet will protect itself from new attackers
/pet rangedYour pet will use ranged attacks and casts spells
/pet reportPet will announce his health in a percentage
/pet stayherePet will stop following you and remain where it is
/pet whoPet will announce its master
/petname ****Your next summoned pet will be named ****
/petoptionsBrings up the Pet Options window.
/togglepetToggles the display of the pet information and command UI window

Mercenary commands

/merc/merc rangedYour mercenary will use ranged attacks and casts spells more freqently as in melee stance
/merc meleeYour mercenary will use melee attacks
/merc resumeYour mercenary will return after being suspended
/merc attackSends mercenary to attack your current or implied target
/merc backoffMercenary will (try to) back off from its current target and run to you. It will stop protecting itself or you.
/mercname {name}/mercname SoandsoYour mercenary's name will be changed to Soandso
/togglemerc/togglemercToggles the display of the Mercenary information and command UI window.
/cl_ignore_merc_chatter {true/false}/cl_ignore_merc_chatter trueEnables or disables Mercenary group chat