Skyforge – 18 Classes, 4 Packs Amazing Possibilities

Skyforge is an amazing looking game that will please any Sci-Fi addict that is looking for a MMORPG  to play. The game, originaly launched in 2015 has seen 4 content packs released and in 2020 a huge Skyforge 5 Year Anniversary update.

Skyforge has 18 classes to choose from with each having individual specialy abilities, so are focused towards a particual party role, Tank, DPS or Support classes. The classes are now instantly interchangable and so if you get bored with DPS class you can swicth to support or if your group dymanics require it.  If you find yourself waiting in the game ques for a while, then try swicthing class as your original class may not be in great need. I found a lot of people forming the perfect group with friend first, then joining the ques.

Skyforge Classes

  • Cryomancer (Damage Dealer)
  • Paladin (Tank)
  • Lightbinder (Support)
  • Archer (Damage Dealer)
  • Berserker (Damage Dealer)
  • Kinetic (Damage Dealer)
  • Necromancer (Damage Dealer)
  • Slayer (Damage Dealer)
  • Gunner (Damage Dealer)
  • Warlock/Witch (Damage Dealer)
  • Monk (Damage Dealer)
  • Alchemist (Support)
  • Knight (Tank)
  • Outlaw (Damage Dealer)
  • Revenant (Damage Dealer)
  • Grovewalker (Tank)
  • Soundweaver (Support)
  • Firestarter (Damage Dealer)


Is Skyforge Free to Download and Play?

Download Skyforge Free to play from Steam but this will only get you started. Once you have the main game installed and character greated, you can start playing for Free.  After completing the start tutorial and quests you will need to reach out further into the realm and so have 4 content packs to choose from, i dont think they need to be completed in any order, please comment if they do

  • Skyforge – Firestarter Collector’s Edition
  • Skyforge – New Horizons Collector’s Edition
  • Skyforge – Soundweaver Collector’s Edition
  • Skyforge – Grovewalker Collector’s Edition

There is also a Skyforge – Starter Booster Pack to help you get started and possibley ctach up with friends. All these are availbale via Steam at between £5.79 and £27.79 (British pounds in May 2020). SO, not free to play but free to start playing and then if you want to stay for the extra content then you will need to pay. I feel this is the best way to arrange this style of game to people can experiance the game before they buy.


Skyforge doesn’t really have an abundent array of commands that can help with game play, macros or short cut keys. All i have found is the Emotes Shortcut Keys

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