Anarchy Online – Keyboard Commands

Anarchy Online Movement

ForwardW{arrow up}[Num Lock off] + {num 8}
BackwardsS{arrow down}[Num Lock off] + {num 2}
Turn rightD{arrow right}[Num Lock off] + {num 6}
Turn leftA{arrow left}[Num Lock off] + {num 4}
Strafe rightC
Strafe leftZ
Run / walk{Backspace}
Sit / standX
Sneak / normalH
Auto run[Num Lock on] + {num 0}

Holding down a movement key (forward, backward, turn or strafe), then holding ALT or SHIFT and releasing the keys in the same order will make the character continue the movement until the same or opposite movement key is pressed.

Using the action bar, windows and panels

Toggle showing the action barY
Show shortcut layer #SHIFT + <#> (1-9 or 0)
Active shortcut # on the shown layer<#> (1-9 or 0)
Skill viewU (exiting with ‘U’ counts as ‘Cancel’)
Planet mapP
Wear panelCTRL + 1
Actions panelCTRL + 2
Knowledge panelCTRL + 3
Mission panelCTRL + 4
Team panelCTRL + 5
Map panelCTRL + 6
Friends panelCTRL + 7
Programs panelCTRL + 8
Stats panelCTRL + 9
Options panelsF10
Cycle layout (chat window and panel view)(pipe)


Camera control and screenshots

Toggle 1st / 3rd person viewF8
Next cameraCTRL + F8
Rotate camera clockwise[Num Lock on] + {num 4}
Rotate camera counter-clockwise[Num Lock on] + {num 6}
Move camera upwards[Num Lock on] + {num 8}
Move camera downwards[Num Lock on] + {num 2}
Default camera position[Num Lock on] + {num 5}
Zoom in{num +}
Zoom out{num -}
ScreenshotF11 or F12


Targeting and interacting with the target

Target next unfriendly creatureTAB
Target previous unfriendly creatureSHIFT + TAB
Target next friendly creatureCTRL + TAB
Target previous friendly creatureSHIFT + CTRL + TAB
Toggle target self / last targetF1
Target team member 2F2
Target team member 3F3
Target team member 4F4
Target team member 5F5
Target team member 6F6
Create referenceG
Activate / useE
Pick upR
Begin / end combatQ
Sneak attackJ
Fast attackN
Aimed shotO
Fling shotL
Full auto, (comma)
Bow special attack. (period)


Additional Commands

FramerateCTRL + ALT + F
Character info in chat windowF9
Look straight forward (in 1st person)[Num Lock on] +
Bug report toolSHIFT + CTRL + ALT + F9

Anarchy Online – Keyboard Commands

Drop a comment if you know anymore commands that need to be added.

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