EverQuest – Haste Buffs

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Triggered Haste Items

ItemHasteOther StatsZone, Mob Notes
Eyepatch of Plunder20%Wt0.5, All/All -ND 10AC 10str 10dex 6svAll 50hp Effect: Captain Nalots QuickeningIceclad Ocean Lodi QuestCast 3 sec, Duration 10 mins
Robe of the Whistling Fists25%Wt0.5, MNK -ND 15AC 10svM 50hp Effect: Jonthans Whistling Warsong,Monk QuestLvl 7 bard song, Cast: instant, Duration 18 sec
Belt of Marvelous Visions30%30AC 10str 20agi 20dex Wt0.3, All/All -ND Effect: Marvelous VisionsThe Deep,Cast 7sec, Duration 72 mins
Thought Horror Overfiend
The Celestial Fists40%H2H 9/16 PRI/SEC, Wt0.1, MNK -ND 15AC 20str 10sta 10agi 10dex 10svAll 100hp, Effect: Celestial TranquilityMonk Epic QuestCast: instant, Duration 18 sec
Lute of the Howler40%Dly 22 Wt0.5, BRD. Effect: Illusion Werewolf, string InstrumentVelketor's Labyrinth,Cast 10 sec, Duration 36 mins
Khelker Icepaw
Clockwork Watchman Vambraces40%11AC Wt3.9, WAR CLR/GNM Effect: Cog BoostTinkered, 10 chargesCast 5 sec, Duration 20.5 mins


Weapon Proc Haste

ItemHasteOther StatsZone,MobNotes
Earthen Blade26%2HS 26/50 PRI, Wt8.5, WAR/All Effect: HasteRuins of Old Paineel (The Hole)Level for Effect: 25 short duration
An Executioners Axe31%2HS 25/50 PRI, Wt8.5, WAR/All Effect: HasteLGuk,Level for Effect: 30 short duration
Ghoul Executioner
Ashenwood Short Spear36%Pierce 6/22 PRI, (10 Charges) Wt5.0, WAR RNG SHD BRD ROG BST/All Effect: HasteNajena,Level for Effect: 35 Charges: 10
Claw of the Savage Spirit40%H2H 13/22 SEC, wt0.4, BST/All 5str 10dex 15sta 125hp 5svF/C/P 10svD Effect: Fury of the Vah Shir,Beastlord Epic QuestIncreases Attk by 40
Singing Short Sword55%1HS 16/26 PRI/SEC, Wt2.0, BRD/All -ND 15str 10sta 10dex 15cha 10svAll 50hp Effect: Dance of the BladeBard Epic QuestLevel for Effect: 46 Increase STR by 30 Increase ATK by 30
Nature's Melody60%Pierce 15/19 PRI/SEC, Wt1.0, BRD/All -ND 20AC 10str 15sta 5agi 10cha 13svM/F/C 100hp Effect: Song of the Deep Sea'sPlane of Growth,Increase AC by 15 Increase STR by 30 Increase AGI by 30
Siren Song, Dagger of the Sea60% (Group)Pierce 15/22 PRI/SEC, Wt4.5, BRD/All -ND 15AC 10str 7cha 7svAll 70hp Effect: Song of the Deep Sea'sToV - North,Increase AC by 15 Increase STR by 30 Increase AGI by 30
Lord Koi'Doken


Songs and Spells

5%BRD/50Melody of ErvajDuration 18 seconds Drops in: Velketor's Labyrinth
10%BRD/60Composition of ErvajDuration 18 seconds. Drops from high level mobs, Velious
10%BRD/10Anthem De ArmsDuration 18 seconds. Store bought
11%MAG/56Muzzle of MarduWorks on Pets only. Drops from Kunark mobs
15%BRD/52Battlecry of the Vah ShirDuration 18 seconds. Drops from Luclin mobs
20%BRD/36Vilia's Verses of CelerityDuration 18 seconds. Store bought
18% - 23%BRD/42McVaxius' Berserker CrescendoDuration 18 seconds. Store bought
21% - 22%BRD/57McVaxius' Rousing RondoDuration 18 seconds. Store bought
16% - 25%BRD/7Jonthan's Whistling WarsongDuration 18 seconds. Store bought. Self Only
22%-28%ENC/29AugmentationDuration 27 minutes. Store bought
25%BRD/60Warsong of the Vah ShirDuration 18 seconds. Drops from Luclin mobs
30%BRD/50Verses of VictoryDuration 18 seconds. Store bought
28% - 30%SHM/29 ENC/16QuicknessDuration 11 minutes. Store bought
34% - 40%SHM/44 ENC/24 BST/60AlacrityDuration 11 minutes. Store bought
45%BRD/54Vilia's Chorus of CelerityDuration 18 seconds. Store bought
43% - 45%ENC/56AugmentDuration 36 minutes. Drops from Kunark mobs
48% - 50%BRD/45Jonthan's ProvocationDuration 18 seconds. Store bought Self Only
47% - 50%SHM/56 ENC/39 BST/63CelerityDuration 16 minutes. Store bought
58%ENC/60Visions of GrandeurDuration 42 minutes. Drops from Kunark mobs
60%SHM/63 ENC/49Swift like the WindDuration 16 minutes. Store bought
61% - 63%BRD/58Jonthan's InspirationSelf Only. Store bought
64%ENC/53Aanya's QuickeningDuration 24 minutes. Store bought
66%ENC EpicSpeed of the ShissarDuration 20.5 minutes
70%ENC/58Wonderous RapidityDuration 20.5 minutes. Store bought

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