Lineage 2 – Slash Commands

Movement Commands

/locDisplay current location in x, y, z
/sitSit down
/standStand up
/walkToggle walk on/off
/runToggle run on/off
/mountdismountMount or dismount a strider
/unstuckReturns player to town (10 minute SOE)


Combat Commands

/attackAttack the target
/attackforceForce attack a target
/attackstandAttack while in a fixed position
/targetSelect target
/targetnextSelect next attackable target
/assistChoose the selected target


Party/Group Commands

/pickupPick up nearest object
/tradeTrade with the player targeted
/vendorSet up a private store for selling
/buySet up a private store for buying
/privatemanufactureSet up a private manufacturing store
/findprivatestoreHighlights private stores with the word (case sensitive) to search in the title; exit by retyping just /findprivatestore


Alliance & Clan Commands

/allyinviteInvite a clan into an alliance
/allyoustDismiss a clan from the alliance
/allyleaveLeave an alliance
/allydismissDisbands the entire alliance
/allycrestAdd an ally's crest
/allywarstartStart a war with another alliance
/allywarstopStop a war with another alliance
/allywarsurrenderSurrender to another alliance
/allyinfoDisplay alliance status
/allywarinfoDisplay active alliance wars
/clanwarinfoDisplay active clan wars