EverQuest – Shortcut Hot Keys / Keybinds

Also known as Keybinds, these shortcut key or Hoy Keys can help you navigate your environment much quicker than using a mouse and clicking on commands in the GUI. Once you learn the most used Keybinds you will find game play much faster and could help save your life during combat missions.

Enabling and Disabling Windows

Each window in full screen mode can be enabled or disabled for viewing by engaging the customizable hot-key combination for that feature and window.  Please Note: Generally pressing escape (Esc Key) will close a window.

ALT + BBuff/Spell Effects Window
ALT + CChat Window
ALT + DCompass window
ALT + EBard song box
ALT + FFriends window
ALT + GGuild management tool window
ALT + HHotbox Window.  Shift +1 to Shift + 0 switch between each of the 10 Hotbox windows.
ALT + JJournal window
ALT + Kmp3 player window
ALT + LLock down window position
ALT + MMenu Window
ALT + NStoryline window
ALT + OOptions window
ALT + PParty (Group) Window
ALT + QOoW Task System Window
ALT + RRaid window
ALT + SSpell Gem Window
ALT + TTarget Window
ALT + UTribute Window
ALT + VLDoN statistics window
ALT + YSelf-Status Window
ALT + ZGoD expedition window
ALT + 1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)Casts spells in appropriate spell gem slot (9 is only if you have OoW)
ALT + F1Pet window
CTRL + BOpens spell book
CTRL + IInvites targeted player into group
CTRL + FDoes a find in zone
CTRL + SCamps your character (only if sitting)
CTRL + WDoes a /who
CTRL + XCamps you to the character select screen. Will not work if you are sitting on a mount.
CTRL + VOoW Voice Macro's
CTRL + 1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)Performs the appropriate combat ability corresponding to the Combat Ability window
SHIFT + TOoW Player Title Selection Window
BackspaceMap window
IInventory window
LLeadership (Group & Raid) window
POpens up the in game customer service window, allows you to make petition as well as search for common problems (like the /petition command).
RReply to last tell
VAlternate Abilities window

Targeting Function Keys

The following are the 8 different function keys, that allow you to target players and non-players quickly.

F1Selects yourself.
F2Selects the first person in your Party Window.
F3Selects the second person in your Party Window.
F4Selects the third person in your Party Window.
F5Selects the forth person in your Party Window.
F6Selects the fifth person in your Party Window.
F7Selects the nearest Player Character.
F8Selects the nearest Non-Player Character.


Miscellaneous Command Keys

DMakes you duck (/duck), handy for moving through small spaces.
F9This allows you to cycle through various camera views. 
F10This allows you to toggle the interface on and off (turning off the interface makes for cleaner screenshots).
F11Toggles the ping bar off and off (little green thing in corner with numbers!)
F12Toggles between enabling and disabling mouse panning.  
HPressing "H" will Hail the player or non-player character you have in your Target Window.  Useful for starting conversations with NPCs, for quests, etc.
QPressing "Q" will initiate the auto-attack command (shortcut for the /attack on command).  Be careful when typing, as you could press this in the wrong mode and attack a NPC which you will not beat!
RPressing "R" will allow you to reply the the last /tell you received.  Basically a quick shortcut for the /reply command. 
-The minus (-) key on the number keypad allows you to take a screenshot.  The format of the resulting image file can be changed in your EQclient.ini file - see EQclient.ini for further information


Panning and Zooming

You can pan the camera in different directions, either with the keyboard (press Alt + the arrow keys) or by right-clicking the mouse. To pan with the mouse, right-click-and-drag in any direction (this works in all views except for fixed overhead and rear views – in these, the mouse zooms the view in and out).

First-person view (default)View straight ahead (you can't see your character).
Overhead (rotating)View from above (camera rotates as you turn).
Rear (rotating)View from rear (camera rotates as you turn and stays behind you).
Overhead (fixed)View from above (camera does not rotate when you turn).
Rear (fixed)View from rear (camera does not rotate when you turn).

Camera Views

During gameplay you can view your character from several different camera angles, zoom in and out, or pan up and down.

To cycle between available views, press F9.

Numpad 5 or HomeRe-center view
Numpad 9 and 3 or Page-Up and Page-DownPitch view up / down
Numpad 7 and 1 or Insert and DeleteZoom view in / out


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