WoW – Lung Juice Cocktail Quest Guide

Lung Juice Cocktail is obtained via the “Spirit of the Boar” Quest and is a prerequisite Quest for the Lesser Arcanum of Constitution Quest.

This Quest is for an Amazing 100hp Augmentation to apply to Head or Leg slots

This guide will help you obtain Lesser Arcanum of Constitution. Head to the Blasted Lands and visit the camp at LOC 50,14. Speak with Bloodmage Drazial and pick up the “Spirit of the Boar” quest.

Lung Juice Cocktail Quest loc
Location of Lung Juice Cocktail
Lung Juice Cocktail Quest NPC
Lung Juice Cocktail Quest NPC








If you are in need of XP, pick up the other quests while your there, you will most certainly be able to finish those at the same time.

The reward you need is: Lung Juice Cocktail

Lung Juice Cocktail
Lung Juice Cocktail
Lung Juice Cocktail
Binds when picked up
Use: Increases Stamina by 25 when consumed. Effect lasts for 60 minutes.
“100% Grade A Lung Juice – Freshly Squeezed”
Cooldown: 1 hour
Charges: 1 (Expendable)
Item Level 1

This is a repeatable quest that requires these items:

Drop rate is about 30%

Blasted Boar Lung
3x Blasted Boar Lung
Basilisk Brain
1x Basilisk Brain
Scorpok Pincer
2x Scorpok Pincer






Both the Blasted Boar Lungs and the Basilisk Brain can be found on mobs around the area at LOC 55,34. The best thing to do is kill every Boar or Basilisk in the area as i discovered they can spawn as either mob, sometimes a mob spawn location was a Boar, sometimes a Basilisk. If there is just Boars about, killing them all would spawn some Basilisk’s and vise versa.

Lung Juice Cocktail Quest Mobs
Lung Juice Cocktail Quest Mobs

If you are planning on getting 2 Enchantments, for both your head and leg slots, just double up on the items for this quest so you can quickly do the hand in’s once you have completed the first “Lesser Arcanum of Constitution”.

Return the required parts to Bloodmage Drazial and claim your Lung Juice Cocktail, this stage is no complete.

I actually XP’d here for a while and so collected a few stacks of these items so i didn’t need to return unless it was just for the hand in’s to enchant new Head or Leg items in the future

WoW – Lung Juice Cocktail

This item is used with the  Night Dragons Breath for the Lesser Arcanum of Constitution Quest, a 100HP Augmentation


The Lesser Arcanum of Constitution does not really come under the commands category but i found it such a good repeatable quest sub level 60 i felt i had to wright up a guide. It is also the most HP you can instantly gain as STA bonuses will not gain you 100HP at this level.

Like any MORPG Hit Points(HP) are key, HP is King, you run out of HP and you die, no matter what class you are! As well as the more commonly known 100HP for chest there is also  100 HP for your Head and leg slots.

I would recommend, as the quest indicates, being at least level 50 or  have 2 level 50’s completing the quest together. A level 60 can breeze this easily and would only take them a few hours.

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