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PUBG Battlegrounds

PUBG Battlegrounds is an amazing game that just looks special. The graphics have been really well done, and look as real as possible, so you will sometimes find yourself just looking at the scenery, I know I have. Saying that the animations for the emotes needs some more work, if it was a school report it would read:  Emotes Team, Must Try harder!

Some of the drop locations or Points of Interest (Poi) are just amazing and do look and feel like real building layouts. I Especially like the Absolvitory and the Bunker.

Due to the more realistic graphics and blood splatter (you can change the colour from red) PUBG gets a PEGI 16+ age rating, a bit higher that Fortnite Battle royale at PEGI 13.

What is Battle Royale / Battlegrounds?

PUBG Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale style game that I feel has similarities on the Japanese film from 2000, Battle Royale  There maybe earlier references but this is certainly one of the oldest.   It is based on a group of school kids that are dropped on an island and made to fight for survival. The last one alive can leave the island.

PUBG takes this idea and turns it into military operation, with single, duo and trio teams dropping in to fight for their lives and become the ultimate Survivor. There are many such islands in PUBG Battlegrounds over the seasons and they do change and get updated from time to time.

What is PUBG? (Player Unknown Battlegrounds)

PUBG is the traditional Battle Royale style game but aimed at a higher age group than Fortnite Battle Royale. With a PEGI 16 rating PUBG has a realistic graphics engine and so your surrounds look awesome. With a good spec PC, you can get some high settings giving you some really nice visuals.

In PUBG you dive from a Transport plane, something like a Lockhead C-130 These planes also do the supply drops that you will need to look out for, if you spot one, head in the directions to collect some extra items, weapons and ammo.

PUBG Battlegrounds C-130 Transport Supply Plane
PUBG Battlegrounds C-130 Transport Supply Plane

The idea is to drop at a location or point of interest (Poi) and collect up on items to help you defeat other survivors. You can collect weapons, body armour, hard hats and utility items like grenades and med-kits. Collect up and stay out of the Storm and head to the safe circle.

Survivors also call the storm, The Blue due to its color. The red area on the map is currently marked for aerial bombing run so you better move fast if you’re in this area.

The storm starts out on the edge of the island (in the sea) but slowly as time goes on, it closes in, ever decreasing to make the survivors close in on themselves for the final battle.

PUBG Battlegrounds - The Storm AKA The Blue
PUBG Battlegrounds – The Storm AKA The Blue

Is PUBG Battlegrounds Free to play?

Yes, technically its FREE.  You can create a Steam account and download it from Steam: PUBG Totally Free. Once in the game and you have played a while and feel you will stay for a while to level up and explore, there are options to buy add-ons such and skins, outfits, emotes and character customizations. These are all purchased in-game with G-Coin

What is G-Coin in PUBG?

G-Coin is only purchasable with real money and is used to purchase the in-game items such as outfits and emotes. It is purchasable via the Steam Store and will appear in-game for you to spent.

Navigate to the STORE menu then click G-Coin.  For more detailed information check out PUBG – How to Buy G-Coin

PUBG Battlegrounds - Buying G-Coin
PUBG Battlegrounds – Buying G-Coin

What is Battle Points (BP) Reward?

Another reward system by the name of Battle Points (BP) is offered in PUBG. BP are awarded after every battle, depending on how well you did, will depend on the battle points received. These points can be used to purchase an in-game “crate” that will contain an item. There is a tier system and so the more crates you buy, the more expensive they get.

What are PUBG Outfits / Skins?

PUBG Outfits are a way to customize your character, you can do this by equipping clothing items onto your characters, they don’t add stats in anyway, they just make you look unique

You can customize:

  • Wardrobe -Your Outfit/Skin – total of 19 slots to customize on your character
  • Weapons – Wrap to spruce up your guns
  • Emotes and Sprays – Feel like doing a dance, there’s and emote for you
  • Vehicle – Color match your cars
  • Utility – Game name change, Battlestat exchange kits
  • Appearance – You can change your face features here, hair style and skin color
  • Lobby – Loading Screens can be collected via item packs and quests

Navigate to the Customize screen then click on the Wardrobe tab. Here you can change your outfits from your locker.

PUBG Battlegrounds - Skins Outfits & Items
PUBG Battlegrounds – Skins Outfits & Items

What is the PUBG Battlegrounds Survivor Pass?

The PUBG Survivor pass now replaces the Event Pass, it grants access to more in-game items by completing levels and missions, these items are exclusive to the Survivor Pass and can’t be sold or traded.

Its best to purchase the pass at the beginning of the season and so you can track your progress and receive rewards as you level. You can still buy the Survivor Pass half way into the season and still unlock all the items, so don’t be worried about buying half way in or even at the end of the season. You will get all the rewards to match the level you have achieved.

The Survivor Pass costs 990 or 3,270 G-Coin, depending on the one you buy.  The more expensive gives you +30 levels and more bonus items. You will need to buy some G-Coin via the Steam Store then use the G-Coin to buy the Survivor Pass.

PUBG Battlegrounds - Survivor Pass
PUBG Battlegrounds – Survivor Pass

What is the PUBG Battlegrounds Plus?

Battleground PLUS gives you another round of items to choose from, some G-Coin, Ranked matchmaking and XP Boosts. You will also receive medals for your achievements.

PUBG Battlegrounds - Plus Status Upgrade
PUBG Battlegrounds – Plus Status Upgrade

The PUBG Battlegrounds Plus Upgrade will cost you a little bit extra

PUBG Battlegrounds - Plus Status Upgrade Cost
PUBG Battlegrounds – Plus Status Upgrade Cost

What are the PUBG Battlegrounds Events?

During your play time on PUBG there will be events running all the time. It’s worth checking out the Events menu for any FREE items or special quests that you may want to complete. When you start playing PUBG you can collect a set of starter items, Jacket, trousers, Boots etc to get you off the default skin and looking half decent.

Look out for more as you progress, keep checking the Events page every time you play to keep up with new events that may get you Free PUBG Skins

PUBG Battlegrounds - Events
PUBG Battlegrounds – Events

How to get FREE Starter outfits in PUBG

The free starter outfits/skins in PUBG are pretty good, much better than some of the other battleground’s games, but….

To get some truly cool FREE outfits, always check the NEWS page for info on offers, I picked up this Free PUBG Skin: Kingmaker set totally FREE as I am an Amazon Prime member.

Check the News Pages, look for offers

Follow the links and you too could end up for some FREE stuff. Keep checking the events as the rotate out every 30 days, sometimes less

PUBG Battlegrounds - Kingmaker Set -Amazon Prime
PUBG Battlegrounds – Kingmaker Set -Amazon Prime – Totally Free

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