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The eqclient.ini file can be found in your everquest directory. Use Notepad to open this file and make any of the following changes. NOTE: Always backup your eqclient.ini file before making any changes.


[Defaults Section] (This section contains general information regarding client setup)

AttackOnAssist=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want "autoattack" to be automatically turned on after issuing the /assist command in game.
ChatFontSize=[0-5]This line controls the size of the text font in your chat window.  Default is 0.  When using full screen mode with higher resolutions, it is helpful to set this value to 2 or higher, depending on your taste, eyesight, and reading comprehension ability.
ChatLineSpacing=0This line controls the number of spaces between each line of text in your chat window.  Default is 0.  It is not suggested putting this value over 2, or it could be very difficult to read text as it scrolls by.
DefaultLanguage=0 (Common Tongue)Sets your default language.
HideAltAdvWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the alternate advancement window.  Same as using V in-game.
HideBuffWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the buff icon window.  Same as using Alt B in-game.
HideChatWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the main chat window.
HideHotboxWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the hotbox window.  Same as using Alt H in-game.
HideMainMenuWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the main menu window.  Same as using Alt M in-game.
HidePartyWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the party stat window.  Same as using Alt P in-game.
HidePlayerWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the player stat window.  Same as using Alt Y in-game.
HideSpellsWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the spell icon window.  Same as using Alt S in-game.
HideTargetWin=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to be able to see the target window.  Same as using Alt T in-game.
InspectOthers=TRUEThis line set to TRUE allows you to inspect others.  If set to FALSE, you will not be able to right-click on their character to inspect.  The default value is TRUE.
InvWinLabels=TRUEThis is a Velious only line that enables the labeling to show up when in the full screen inventory mode.
LastCharSel=[1-8]This line controls which character is selected at the character select screen, so that whichever character you played last will be selected when you go to the character select screen the next time you play EverQuest.
LoadSocialAnimations=TRUE or FALSETurns the emote animations on or off.
LoadArmor17=TRUE or FALSEDefines whether or not you want to load the new armor implemented with Velious into your video card's texture memory.  Players with older video cards may choose to set one or more of these options to FALSE if you experiencing slow framerate or excess swapping when viewing these armors in areas with many textures.
LoadArmor18=TRUE or FALSE
LoadArmor19=TRUE or FALSEBy default, these are all set to "FALSE", as it is possible that those with lower end systems will have problems when attempting to load all of the new armor files.  At your option, you can switch all or part of them to "TRUE" to see the new armor.  If you have problems with framerate or disk swapping, turn all or part of them back to "FALSE".
LoadArmor20=TRUE or FALSE
LoadArmor21=TRUE or FALSEAs a note, though you may be able to obtain the files and make these entries if you are not Velious-enabled, the new armor will not be displayed unless you are.  (Velious Only)
LoadArmor22=TRUE or FALSE
LoadArmor23=TRUE or FALSE
LockWindows=FALSEThis statement is the same as hitting Alt-L in game.  This allows windows to be rearranged with your cursor if FALSE and locked in place if set to TRUE.  You can very easily do this in game with using the Alt-L function to toggle the lock off/on.
Log=TRUE or FALSESets the default state of chat logging to the log file for your character and server.  Setting this option to true would have the same effect as logging into the game and typing "/log on" at the beginning of every play session.
MousePointerSpeedMod=[0-3]This is to allow faster movement across the screen by your mouse.  The higher the number, the faster the mouse scrolling will be.  Default is 0.  It is not suggested to set this to higher than 3, as it makes it difficult to accurately control the mouse movement.
NewUI=TRUE or FALSESets the default User Interface.  Set to TRUE to use the new EverQuest interface, set to FALSE to use the old interface.  This is now no longer valid, as the old style is no longer available.
RunMode=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want to automatically "run" when you log into the game.
ScreenMode=NORMAL or FULLSets the default screen mode for when you enter the game.
ScreenshotType=XXXWhere XXX can be one of the following format: BMP, JPG, TGA, DDS, PNG. If this is missing the default will be BMP, all screenshots are saved in the Screenshot folder.
ShowAlarmWindow=true or falseTurns the Alarm window on or off when first logging in.
ShowDynamicLights=TRUEHaving this line set to TRUE enables the player to see special graphics due to light sources on your character such as torches, greater lightstones, in a new light so to speak.
ServerFilter=0 (NO) or 1 (YES)If this line is set to 1, than Server side filtering is occurring.  Default is 0.  If you are having problems with lag in a raid situation, or when many other players are in the same general area in EverQuest, it is best to have this set to 1.
ShowGrass=TRUE or FALSEDefines whether or not you will be able to see textured grass in some Luclin zones.
ShowInspectMessage=TRUE or FALSESets whether or not you want the "CharacterName is inspecting you" message to be displayed when you are inspected by another character.
ShowNamesLevel=4 (default)This line allows you to control how much of a character's name will be displayed.
ShowSpellEffects=0 (NO) or 1 (YES)This line allows particle effects to be shown if it equals 1.  If this line equals 0, no particle effects will be seen in-game when someone casts a spell.
Sound=TRUE or FALSETurns sound on or off.
TextureCache=TRUE or FALSEEnables or disables texture caching.  This setting will store textures (.txc) on your local hard drive.  Once there, it can help to increase load times while zoning.
TrackFilterType=0This is another Ranger only line that is best changed in-game.  The command in game allows you to specify not showing certain conning creatures.  Default is 0.  Please refer to the section later in this manual dealing with all of the /commands to see the proper use of this in game.
TrackPlayers=TRUE or GROUP or FALSEThis line shows the current selection  (Default is TRUE) for showing players in tracking, not showing players, or only group members.  It is suggested to change this setting in game to change this value.
TrackSortType=NORMAL or DISTANCE or CONSIDER or RDISTANCE or RCONSIDERThis is a Ranger only ability and is best changed in game.  It changes the way that tracking is sorted, and how it shows up.
UseD3DtextureCompression=TRUE or FALSEThis line turns on/off texture compression.  If set to TRUE, it can add much time loading to the game between the server select and character select screens, but can also improve performance.
UseLuclinElementals=TRUE or FALSEThis is a Shadows of Luclin only setting.  This allows you to define which new Luclin character models you can see.
UseLuclinHumanMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinHumanFemale=TRUE or FALSEEach race has a male and female setting and must be flagged separately.
UseLuclinBarbarianMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinBarbarianFemale=TRUE or FALSEIn order to see any Erudite or Barbarian model, the corresponding Human model must be set to TRUE.
UseLuclinEruditeMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinEruditeFemale=TRUE or FALSEIn order to see any High Elf, Dark Elf, or Half Elf model, the corresponding Wood Elf model must be set to TRUE.
UseLuclinWoodElfMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinWoodElfFemale=TRUE or FALSEIt is recommended that if you do not have a top-of-the-line system, that you disable all unnecessary models to increase your system performance.
UseLuclinHighElfMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinHighElfFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinDarkElfMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinDarkElfFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinHalfElfMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinHalfElfFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinDwarfMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinDwarfFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinTrollMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinTrollFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinOgreMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinOgreFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinHalflingMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinHalflingFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinGnomeMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinGnomeFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinIksarMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinIksarFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinVahShirMale=TRUE or FALSE
UseLuclinVahShirFemale=TRUE or FALSE
UISkin=DefaultUse this setting to globally set your characters to utilize a specific UI skin.  Leave the setting to Default to use separate UI skins for different characters.
VideoMode=[0-4]0 is 640/480 resolution, 1 is 800/600.  2 is 1024/768.  3 is 1280/1024.  4 is 1600/1200.  Players need to have the Velious expansion in order to set this line to 3 or 4.
VideoModeBitsPerPixel=16 or 32This line reflects and controls the video mode while in EverQuest.  Default is 16 bits.  It is suggested that most players keep this value at 16 as increasing to 32 can cause a decrease of performance.


[VideoMode] Section (This section contains information about your video settings)

Width=800Sets your screen width.  Its recommended that you use the video settings feature in your in-game options (Alt O).
Height=600Sets your screen height.  Its recommended that you use the video settings feature in your in-game options (Alt O).
RefreshRate=0Sets your monitor's refresh rate.  Its recommended that you use the video settings feature in your in-game options (Alt O).
BitsPerPixel=16Sets your monitor's bits per pixel.  Its recommended that you use the video settings feature in your in-game options (Alt O)


The [TextColors] section of eqclient.ini contains entries for various text colors in the client. All colors are to be set with Red, Green, and Blue values, in decimal. Valid settings for each color range between 0 and 255.

10You hit other
11Other hits you
12You miss other
13Other misses you
14Some broadcasts
16Special Abilities
17Unused at this time
18Default Text
19Unused at this time
20Merchant Offer Price
21Merchant Buy/Sell
22Your death message
23Others death message
24Other damage other
25Other miss other
26/who command
27yell for help
28Hit for non-melee
29Spell worn off
30Money splits
31Loot message
32Dice Roll (/random)
33Others spells
34Spell Failures
35Chat Channel
36Chat Channel 1
37Chat Channel 2
38Chat Channel 3
39Chat Channel 4
40Chat Channel 5
41Chat Channel 6
42Chat Channel 7
43Chat Channel 8
44Chat Channel 9
45Chat Channel 10
46Melee Crits
47Spell Crits
48Too far away (melee)
49NPC Rampage
50NPC Flurry
51NPC Enrage
52Say echo
53Tell echo
54Group echo
55Guild echo
56OOC echo
57Auction echo
58Shout echo
59Emote echo
60Chat Channel 1 echo
61Chat Channel 2 echo
62Chat Channel 3 echo
63Chat Channel 4 echo
64Chat Channel 5 echo
65Chat Channel 6 echo
66Chat Channel 7 echo
67Chat Channel 8 echo
68Chat Channel 9 echo
69Chat Channel 10 echo
70Unused at this time
71Item Tags
72Raid Say
73My Pet
74Damage Shield
75Leadership Messages
76Pet Rampage/Flurry
77Pet Crits
78Focus Effects
79Experience Messages
80System Message

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