Ultima Online – Tweaks



The UO.CFG file is in the client directory. Adjusting some of these options may make your playing experience more enjoyable, or some narrow down the cause of problems.

Cache – Allows you to specify other than maximum, this is the size in megabytes of the disk cache.

Sound – Can be set to “off” or “on” – Turning the sound off may resolve issues with DirectSound.

Music – Can be set to “off” or “on” – Turning the sound off may make slower systems more stable

PageFlip – Can be set to “off” or “on” or “GDI” – Turning the Pageflip may allow it to be faster however may not be as smooth, setting it to GDI avoids using DirectDraw as much as possible while still being in full screen, however may cause other issues.

FullScreen – Can be set to “on” or “off” to select whether to start by default in full screen mode.

ShowIntro Anim=no – If having lockup or crash’s in the intro movie you can add this line to skip the beginning Intro

use565=yes – Experimental option setting to “yes” does on the fly conversion to 565 color and may make some machines significantly faster, especially machines running under Windows NT. However effects are unpredictable.

OrderCache – Can be set to “startup” or “off” – Startup means to reorder the cache file on startup. This can result in faster game play however may take several minutes to start the client up.

Mouse – Setting this to “slow” means to not run the mouse cursors in a separate thread. This almost always will make the cursor feel jumpy, but may prevent crashes on some machines.

ChestOpening=off = This will make the main screen come up automatically you will not have to wait for the chest to open.

If you feel we need to add any additional information please leave a comment on the main Ultima Online page