Lineage 2 – Lineage II Classic

Lineage 2 was a huge improvement over Linage 1 where we see a complete change in the game style while still keeping the core elements and Lore of the franchise in tact. It is actually a prequel and is set 150 years before Lineage 1 in the realm of Aden. There has been a number of updates since the release in 2003 and you cant really notice this when you look back on old YouTube videos comparing this MMORPG over the years.  It has a massive amount of content and a huge world to explore, the map is pretty vast The player base are friendly and is helpful towards new players joining the realm and i often found someone offering to lend a hand or just give me stuff.

The game starts off in the traditional MMORPG way of character creation.  Once you have selected your character then you are cast into your world to start questing, there is a lot of story threads that result in some great gear with the best requiring multiple players to defeat scripted challenges or dungeons.

Around mid 2018 Lineage 2 released some classic servers, this means you can start again from the beginning of the expansions packs and enjoy the content as a newbie along with everyone else.  This is the best place to start for a new player to Lineage 2 as everyone is back to basics and has no advantage like the older servers. The older servers that started in 2003 have a kind of strange hyper inflated economy as players have injected a lot of real money so items have increased into the millions of Adena.

There is a PVP element of the game but it seems that only the top level players are in this space, there is no low level PVP. As a new player to Lineage 2 that wants to get into PVP your going to have to part with some $$ as you have a lot of catching up to do. Lineage 2 has a in game coin that can be purchases with real world money and so if you are willing to spend real $$ you can get some great items to help you battle.

Just like EverQuest has Project 99 and other player based servers, Lineage 2 also has private servers. These are custom servers run by the fans and are open for most people to join. Some will be close to the classic game but others are heavily customised. The customisation’s are absolutely amazing and do real credit to the game play, and some are just too much and are just great fun.

Lineage 2 – Lineage II Classic – Free to Play

Lineage 2 is Free to play but with payable options from the in-game store. You will need to buy some Adena outside of the game and have it credited to your character that you wish to spend the money on. Once your character has some newly purchased Adena you can navigate to the L2 Store in the game menu and browse whats on offer. It starts off pretty basic with some basic buffs and cosmetic items but as the game unfolds more items become available. I think this is a good idea to have this slow release of items as it doesn’t unbalance the game too much from those that do not want to pay and would like to keep it free.

You can download Lineage 2 from the games main home page and is available once you have created your game account

While this is not a guide on how to play but more of a reference guide. Here is information that I had to look up from time to time to help me progress through the game.


Lineage 2 – Chat Commands

Lineage 2 – Macro’s & Macro Commands

Lineage 2 – Short Cut Hot Keys

Lineage 2 – Slash Commands

Lineage 2 – Socials & Emotes


Drop a comment if you know anymore commands that need to be added.