WoW Voice Emotes – 53 Amazing World of WarCraft Voice Emotes

WoW Voice Emotes are a great way to bring some funny animations and jokes to your  World of WarCraft character.  Some of these Emotes are truly side splitting, most of them will have WoW Jokes hidden in them and are relevant to things that have happened in World of WarCraft.

All the amazing WoW Voice Emotes can be used in WoW Macros along with the standard WoW Commands and the normal non-audio WoW Emotes. This makes for some really interesting funny emotes that will have other players /laugh and maybe even /ROFL

WoW Voice Emotes
WoW Voice Emotes Accessed from the Game menu


You can access the quick Voice Emotes by clicking the speech bubble in the bottom right corner, then Voice Emote. This will display a list of the common WoW Voice Emotes, Just click the one you want to use.

These are also the commands for each emote ready to use in a macros. WoW macros are quick to create, great fun to use and in some situations very much essential!


For the really Rare WoW Emotes and newer 7.2+ Patch Emotes, you need to use the command line and create a short macro to use them or you will be forever typing them out over and over.





How to make a Quick WoW Voice Emotes Macros

WoW Macros Menu
WoW Macros Menu


To make a Quick pulling macro for when you are Main Tank in your group

We will make 2 macros

  • Incomming macros, to warn your group a mob is on the way.
  • Assist me kill this mob Macros, for when you have enough agro for the group to open up on your enemy

Hit “Esc” key and select the Macro menu

A quicker way to open the WoW Macro Window by using the /macro command.



Inside the Macros menu click “New” to create a new Macros. Select an appropriate icon that will remind you this is for Incomming enemies. I have selected a spy glass.

WoW Incomming with WoW Voice Emote
WoW Incomming with Voice Emote

Enter the following text to make your Macro.

  • /incomming
  • /say Incomming %T
  • /startattack

This will use the Voice Emote sound and /em to signal,  “You point out (Target) as an incoming enemy!”

You will say to players near you. Incomming (Target)

World of WarCraft Voice Emotes

And as i am Main Tank i will want to start Melee attack as soon as the mob is in range so i end with /startattack




Create a another Macros, this time i selected a Cleaver and called it “Kill”

WoW Voice Emotes
WoW Attack Target Voice



This one will be very simple and just use the following single command

  • /attacktarget

This will use the Voice Emote sound and then /em to display, You tell everyone to attack (Target).

World of WarCraft Voice Emotes





You can listent to some of the Funny joke Wow Voice Emotes over at WoW Head Emote Sounds


WoW Voice Emotes

Here are the Current Voice Emotes up to Patch v7.2. If you know of any others or missing information from the table below please drop a comment

Use the Search box to find an emote or click the top bar to sort in the order you need.

Here are 53 Unique World of Warcraft Emotes, if 2 or 3 commands create one emote i have listed them together.

Emote CommandWithout targetWith a targetWoW Patch Version
You applaud. Bravo!You applaud at (Target). Bravo!
/attacktargetYou tell everyone to attack something.You tell everyone to attack (Target).4.2
You blow a kiss into the wind.You blow a kiss to (Target).
/boredYou are overcome with boredom. Oh the drudgery!You are terribly bored with (Target).
/bravoYou applaud. Bravo!You applaud at (Target). Bravo!
You wave goodbye to everyone. Farewell!You wave goodbye to (Target). Farewell!
/cackleYou cackle maniacally at the situation.You cackle maniacally at (Target).
/chargeYou start to charge.
You cheer!You cheer at (Target).
With arms flapping, you strut around. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!With arms flapping, you strut around (Target). Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!
/chuckleYou let out a hearty chuckle.You chuckle at (Target).
/clapYou clap excitedly.You clap excitedly for (Target).
/commendYou commend everyone on a job well done.You commend (Target) on a job well done.
You congratulate everyone around you.You congratulate (Target).
You cry.You cry on (Target)'s shoulder.
/doomYou threaten everyone with the wrath of doom.You threaten (Target) with the wrath of doom7
/fleeYou yell for everyone to flee!
/flirtYou flirt.You flirt with (Target).
/followmeYou motion for everyone to follow.You motion for (Target) to follow.
/ForTheAllianceYou cheer for the Alliance!You cheer for the Alliance!7
/ForTheHordeYou cheer for the Horde!You cheer for the Horde!7
/giggleYou giggle.You giggle at (Target).
/gloatYou gloat over everyone's misfortune.You gloat over (Target)'s misfortune.
/golfclapYou clap half heartedly, clearly unimpressed.You clap for (Target), clearly unimpressed.
/guffawYou let out a boisterous guffaw!You take one look at (Target) and let out a guffaw!
/healmeYou call out for healing!
You greet everyone with a hearty hello!You greet (Target) with a hearty hello!
/helpmeYou cry out for help!
/incomingYou yell incoming enemies!You point out (Target) as an incoming enemy!
/kissYou blow a kiss into the wind.You blow a kiss to (Target).
You laugh.You laugh at (Target).
/moo (Tauren only)Mooooooooooo.You moo at (Target). Mooooooooooo.
/mournIn quiet contemplation, you mourn the loss of the dead.In quiet contemplation, you mourn the death of (Target).
/noYou clearly state, NO.You tell (Target) NO. Not going to happen.
You nod.You nod at (Target).
/oomYou announce that you have low mana!
/oopsYou made a mistake.You made a mistake.7
/openfireYou give the order to open fire.
/raspYou make a rude gesture.You make a rude gesture at (Target).
/roarYou roar with bestial vigor. So fierce!You roar with bestial vigor at (Target). So fierce!4.2
/roflYou roll on the floor laughing.You roll on the floor laughing at (Target).
/sighYou let out a long, drawn-out sigh.You sigh at (Target).
/sillyYou tell a joke.You tell (Target) a joke.
/sorryYou apologize to everyone. Sorry!You apologize to (Target) Sorry!7
/strongYou flex your muscles. Oooooh so strong!You flex at (Target). Oooooh so strong!
/tauntYou taunt everyone around you. Bring it fools!You make a taunting gesture at (Target). Bring it!7
You thank everyone around you.You thank (Target).
/trainChoo Choo Train Animation and sound
/violinYou begin to play the world's smallest violin.You play the world's smallest violin for (Target).
/waitYou ask everyone to wait.(Target) asks (Target) to wait.
/welcomeYou welcome everyone.You welcome (Target).
/whistleYou let forth a sharp whistle.You whistle at (Target).
/whoaYou are blown away.You are blown away by (Target).7
/yawnYou yawn sleepily.You yawn sleepily at (Target).


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If you feel we need to add any additional information or we have incorrectly listed something, please drop a comment


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