Guild Wars – Another Great from 2005

Guild Wars is another great title from back in the day and so has a good deal of content to keep you entertained.   It has a slightly different agenda to the other MMORPG and some would say this is not really a MMORPG but something different. With the early focus on PVP and not PVE it shifts the need to that of skilled player hardened in combat rather then what of what Guild has the best loot and who can take down the biggest Boss Mob.

The game then introduced more of the traditional PVE elements from other games of its time and you can now enjoy the “grind” of levelling and indeed the occasional “Hell level” that everyone always enjoys.

There are only 3 campaigns for Guild Wars and 1 expansion but there has been a few content updates and many events.


Guild Wars Costs

Available from either a Guild Wars Download from Steam or direct from the official website  Both offer different packages and prices and sometimes have deals on so check out both before you buy.  It has 3 main expansions but a huge list of additional add-ons to select. Just based on the title, Guild Wars, you would think its PVP out the box but you need to buy the PVP add-on if you would like to do battle with more than the PvE element.

Guild Wars does not have a Free to Play option but at the same time does not have a monthly subscription. Its a one time purchase for unlimited play, until a new pack comes out and then there is a fee for this. The additional add-ons are also a one time deal with no ongoing costs. This does make long term play much cheaper option than some of the otter big MMORPGs

Like the other games i post on my site this is not meant to be a guide on how to play Guild Wars but a comprehensive list of the commands you will need to navigate the world.


Guild Wars – Slash Commands

Guild Wars – Emotes

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