Age of Conan: Unchained – Shortcut Hot keys

Within the game of Age of Conan you can utilise “shortcut” or “hot keys” to help you navigate the world.  And just like using Word or Excel these can be single key press in a given situation or a combination of several keys on your keyboard


KAA's List
Draw/Sheath Weapons - (Weapons must be sheathed to collect resources)
YEmote Window
LFaction Standing
Control-ZHide Interface
GHighlight Clickable items
oInformation Sheet
JJournal/Quest Log
Shift-LLock/Unlock shortcut bars
Shift-VLoot all
Drag and hold over page numbers until page changes.Move items to a different page
Double click Control-1 (all left), Control-2 (all top), Control-3 (all right), Control-4 (even)Move Shields
F11Print Screen (puts a jpg in your \Age of Conan\screenshots directory)
Shift-ClickPull up Item/Ability Window
Rreply, send /tell to the last person to send you private message
Number lockRun/Walk
BackspaceRun/Walk Toggle
Control-Shift-FShow Framerate
ControlShow Shields
Double tap Z and C (with weapons drawn) Sidestep
PSkills and Attributes
Alt-DragSplit Inventory Items
right click and select split or deleteSplit inventory items
Shift-1, Shift-2, etc.Switch Shortcut bars
TabTarget Enemy
TTell (brings up /Tell in chat window)
Shift-KToggle AA Action bar
UUse Object
Strafe: Z and C
Move Forward: W or clicking both Left and Right Mouse buttons at the same time.
Switch Weapons: Shift-R

Age of Conan: Unchained – Shortcut Hot keys

Free to Play via the Steam portal Age of Conan: Unchained

Please add a comment if you know of any commands that are missing

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