Skyforge – 36 Essential F key Keyboard Emotes

Skyforge has 36 great emotes you should try and use during game play. Emotes add another dimention to your character and i always enjoy chatting to someone online that uses in game emotes over just plain text, they seem to bring the charcater alive.

I am unsure why Obsidian Entertainment and  Allods Team didnt add more commands to the game to help with the playablilty, but it would be nice to see more in the game.

Skyforge character emotes are activated from the F keys F1 to F5 and then a sub-menu and F keys again

F1 - GeneralF1 - Sincerely
F2 - Call out to attack
F3 - Cheering
F4 - Gratitude
F5 - Approval
F6 - Denial
F7 - Call
F8 - Laughing
F9 - Sorry
F2 - reactionsF1 - Kiss
F2 - According neck laugh
F3 - bow knees
F4 - Applauding
F5 - F5 - shrug
F6 - Stunned
F7 - Farewell
F8 - Congratulating
F9 - disappointment
F10 - shyness
F3 - statesF1 - Anger
F2 - Boredom
F3 - Wines
F4 - Panic
F5 - Joy
F6 - Sleeping
F7 - Conversation
F8 - Away from the keyboard
F4 - EliteF1 - Presentation
F2 - Victory pose
F3 - Show muscles
F4 - Flirting
F5 - Sexy Pose
F6 - Show Stinkefinger
F7 - Inspiring gesture
F8 - Meditate
F5 - DanceF1 - One Dance

Skyforge F key Keyboard Emotes

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