All 18 Fortnite Characters Locations (NPC’s) – Chapter 4 Season 1

Here are ALL 18 Fortnite Characters Locations or Non-Playable Characters (NPC’s) you will find on the Island. Along with some interesting stats, abilities and items that you might find useful in winning that Crown Victory Royale

This is the characters so far and seems a bit lower than normal. I think as new parts of the island are discovered and added I think we may see new Fortnite Characters added.

Some of the Fortnite Characters (NPC) can actually be hire as Mercenary types that will help you in your fight, some are better than others, they definitely do act differently.

Fortnite Characters (NPCs) All 18 - Chapter 4 Season 1
Fortnite Characters (NPCs) All 18 – Chapter 4 Season 1

What are the Fortnite Characters Locations?

The Fortnite Characters Locations are all over the island, and are usually in plain sight and not too hard to find. They maybe inside a building but are never hidden. They will appear on your mini map radar in the top right as a cartoon speech bubble showing that you can talk to them. Head in the direction of the speech bubble and you should find the NPC you are looking for.

When you are close, a small speech bubble will pop up on the mini-map. Head in the direct of this until you can see the character. You will also see the speech bubble above the character mean you can speak with them.

Character Locations NPC Mini Map
Character Locations NPC Mini Map

Numbers marked on the map correspond to the character above.

All 18 Fortnite Characters Locations NPC Map - Chapter 4 Season 1
All 18 Fortnite Characters Locations NPC Map – Chapter 4 Season 1


  • 01) Aura – North most town with small dock next to odd green area
  • 02) Evie – South West corner of the island, below Shattered Labs in a house
  • 03) Frozen Fish Sticks – Wonders around the lake west of Brutal Bastion
  • 04) Frozen Red Knight – Brutal Bastion
  • 05) Omega Knight – Outside Encampment, South West of Slappy Shoresm
  • 06) Princes Felicity Fish – Fish Princess on top of a tower, Southwest of the Citadel
  • 07) Raptorian the Brave – South of Anvil Square, Outside a castle on a hill
  • 08) Neymar Jr. – Football pitch at north end of Slappy Shores
  • 09) Scrapknight Jules – In the Blacksmithing area at Faulty Splits
  • 10) Helsie – North North West of Faulty Splits
  • 11) Joni the Red – Bowling Ally at Faulty Splits
  • 12) Snowheart – Underground cave to the north in the snowy mountains. Entrance marked by arrow
  • 13) Sunflower – Farm girl in the Frenzy Fields
  • 14) Surrr Burger – In the Anvil Square
  • 15a) Wild Card – West of the Citadel, on the coast, in a small castle outpost
  • 15b) Wild Card – Breakwater Bay, near the Flag Event
  • 15c) Wild Card – North of Shattered Slabs
  • 16) Diamond Diva – Meadow Mansion, just west of Frenzy Fields
  • 17) Renegade Shadow – South of Woodsy Ward, East of Breakwater Bay.
  • 18) Rebel – The Hall of Wispers, Southern most stone building in the snowy area.

WildCard spawns at different location per match so not always the same location. So far i have seen him at 3 locations

What do the Fortnite Characters (NPCs) do?

The Fortnite Characters do 1 of 7 things and so if you know what each one does, then you find yourself in their neighbourhood and you need some help, you will know where to go.

  • Hire – Hire NPC as a mercenary to help you fight
  • Prop Disguise – Turns you into an item to blend with the surroundings
  • Rift – Teleports you, rift style, just above their location
  • Storm Forecast – Shows the next storm phase on your map
  • Tip Bus Driver – Tip the Bus Driver again
  • Weapon – NPC Weapon vendor (some exotics included)

How do I hire a character in Fortnite?

Some of the characters (NPC) in Fortnite are hireable (100 Gold Bars), so you could say they are Mercenaries. Some of them also sell some goods, shield pots, chug splash, bandages, you get the idea. They will also often drop items like bandages and small shield pots when you first talk to them. It’s always worth stopping for a chat.

Walk up to the NPC you wish to hire, engage in chat and look for the hire option from the wheel menu to the bottom of your screen. Select and pay the 100 Gold, well worth it in my opinion and your good to go, you now have a hired mercenary.

Fortnite Characters Locations NPC - Hire
Fortnite Characters Locations NPC – Hire

Complete Fortnite Character (NPC) Comparison

Here are all the Fortnite Characters (NPC) with all the features they have on offer for you.

NPC #NPC NameSpecial ItemItem 1Item 1 CostItem 2Item 2 Cost
1AuraHire CharacterChug Splash (Rare)96
2EvieRiftShadow Tracker (Exotic)250
3Frozen Fish SticksShield Keg (Rare)250Chili Chug Splash (Exotic)210
4Frozen Red KnightUnstable Bow (Exotic)500Ex-Caliber (Epic)250
5Omega KnightPort-a-Bunker (Rare)200Shockwave Hammer (Epic)250
6Princes Felicity FishGrappler Bow (Exotic)500Tip the Bus Driver250
7Raptorian the BraveHire CharacterPrimal Flame Bow (Epic)250
8Neymar Jr.Slap Juice (Rare)150Patch up (Meds)100
9Scrapknight JulesLaunch Pad (Rare)100Snowball Launcher (Epic)600
10HelsieHire CharacterThunder Shotgun (Epic)250
11Joni the RedHire CharacterRed-Eye Assault Rifle (Epic)250
12SnowheartStorm ForecastPrimal Stink Bow (Epic)250
13SunflowerChug Cannon (Exotic)600Impulse Grenade (Rare)24
14Surrr BurgerDisguiseThe Dub (Exotic)600
15Wild CardUnstable Bow (Exotic)500Ex-Caliber (Epic)250
16Diamond DivaHire CharacterMaven Auto ShotGun (Epic)250
17Renegade ShadowHire CharacterHeavey Shotgun (legendary)400
18RebelHire CharacterFalcom Scout (Epic)250

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