Ragnarok Online – 87 Essential Slash Commands

Slash Commands in Ragnarok Online will help you navigate the GUI console much faster and easyer and can sometimes save you several clicks or key presses by combining commands into marcos. These console commands cover must options within the game and when used with the macro option can create some powerful function to help with your game play.

The command console can be accessed via the Ragnarok short cut keys “Alt + Enter” or “Ctrl + Enter”   The defualt mode for this chat box is local chat but can be used for the commands aswell. All command start with a slash  \  to tell the interface the following text is a command and not chat. This is where you type you command.

I like to have one of my widnows on the GUI as a “focus tab” and this is where i  enter my commands but also use for general chat aswell, this is why i call it “My focus Tab”.  You can click on/off the keyboard command window by clicking the very small icon that looks like a Keyboard. I always have this on.

Ragnarok Slash Commands Window
Ragnarok Slash Commands Window

Tip: use the “arrow up” to cycle through all the commands you have type in this session to save typing them again.

Tip 2: How to Whisper: Enter a Character’s Name on the left side of chat window and type your message on the right side. The Tab key helps you move between these boxes.


On the main window focus window it has some options. This will help create your own GUI style and you can move chat, guild, macros etc to the window of your choice.

Ragnarok Window Tab Options
Ragnarok Window Tab Options
  • Keybaord   –   Opens and Closes the Keybaord command console
  • Target   –   Opens options for the style of chat you wish to be dispalyed here
  • Arrow Right   –   Pops out the current tab to a new window
  • Plus   –   Create new tab
  • Minus   –   Closes current tab
  • Padlock   –   Locks current tab so cant be changed

Ragnarok slash commands combined with Ragnarok  short cut keys can really enhance your game play and make it easyer and more enjoyable to play. It is worth learning some of the ones you will need the most but have the following on hand while you play.

To speak to the party you are in Add % in front of every message. (Example: \%Hello)

To speak to the guild you are in Add $ in front of every message. (Example: \$Hello)

To speak to the clan you are in Add /cl in front of every message. (Example: /cl Hello)

/acceptEnables party invites. oposite to /refuse
/alchemistShows top 10 Alchemists in the server
/auraReduces the aura of LV99+ character
/aura2Disable the aura of LV99+ character
/bangbangRotates player clockwise
/battlechatEnables battle chat but disables normal, party or guild chats
/battlemode /bmallows you to use skills assigned to Shortcut Window 2 by pressing Q ~ O keys. Press the space bar to Chat when in Battle mode
/bgmToggles background music on and off
/bingbingRotates player counter clockwise
/blacksmithShows top 10 Blacksmiths in the server
/bookingOpens party recruitment listing search window
/breakguild [Guild Name]You will need to kick all guild members first
/buildinfoShows Build version of your client
/bv [0-127]Adjusts the BGM volume.
/callToggles the effect of all guild members to be teleported next to the Guild Master
/cameraToggles camera zooming on and off
/chatCreate a chat room
/check [some text]Creates text in green font. Maybe a system check to see if font is readable
/cl or /clanchatClan chat channels
/dealTrade/Deal Items
/effectToggles effects on and off (like exit gates, and mage spells)
/effectTurns the spell special effects on/off
/emWill auto reply to a wisper sent to you, set if you are AFK Eg /am gone for coffee, back in 5
/emblemToggles your guild emblem on and off
/emotionviews the emoticon list.
/eqopenMakes your equipment viewable by anyone
/exShow the list of characters you have blocked whispering from
/ex [Character name]Block whispering from the character
/exallBlock whispering from everyone
/expel [Character name]Character Name': Expel the character from your party, if you are the party leader
/fogFog On/Off
/fontToggles discription to above or below character name, party name, guild name, guild title, and emblem
/gc or /guildchat [Message]Guild Chat
/guild [Your name here]Creates a Guild, if you have an Emperium.
/h or /helpShow the Command List
/hi [message]Send greetings to people who are online and registered on your Friend List.
/hoaiToggles Homunculus AI between default and custom mode
/huntingYou can check the your hunting list
/in [Character name]Character Name': Allow whispering from the character
/inallAllow whispering from anyone
/invite [Character name]Invite to party
/itemsnapTurn snap on/off for items on the ground
/leaveLeaves your current party
/lightmapToggles light effects
/loginout or /liShows guildsmen and friends online status. On Off
/memoMemorizes a warp point
/meraiSwitches Mercenary AI between default and custom mode
/mineffect or /minimizeReduces graphics effects to minimum
/missToggles miss notification on and off
/monsterhpToggles monster health bars
/musicTurn BGM on/off
/navigation or /naviNavigation System can take you through portals. Use as /navi mapname X/Y coordinates
/navigation2 or /navi2Navigation System can take you through portals. Shows route and supports Scroll, Zeny and Airship respectively
/noctrl or /ncAuto Attack without pressing CTRL key
/noshiftYou may use your ''force heal'' ability without the Shift key. On | Off
/notalkmsgChat will not be displayed in chat window. On | Off
/notalkmsg2Hides chat messages(including guild chat). On Off
/notrade or /ntDeclines trade offers automatically. On | Off
/organize [Your party name here]Party Name'' To organize a party. Type /leave To leave a Party
/pkShows top 10 Player Killers on the server
/qLeaves a chat room.
/quakeToggle shake effect
/quickspell1 or /q1Right-click menu enables you to use skills assigned to the F9 hotkey. On | Off
/quickspell2 or /q2By rolling the mouse wheel up and down, you are able to use skills registered on F7 and F8 hotkeys. On | Off
/quickspell3 or /q3Enables /q1 and /q2
/recruitOpens the party recruitment listing creation window
/refuserefuses all party invites. Opposite to /accept
/savechatSaves your entire message log into a text file. It is located in the folder "Chat", in your RO directory.
/set1include 3 command function together which is /noctrl + /showname + /skillfail
/shoppingEnables you to open a shop with a single left-click and close your shop with a single right-click. On Off
/shownameCharacter name display in a diffrent font.
/sitSit (if you are sitting, you will stand instead)
/skillfailDisplay red font message when skill fails. On | Off
/skillsnapTurn snap on/off for skills.
/skipToggles frame skip on and off. This will skip frames to keep game play smooth
/snapTurn snap on/off for fights
/soundToggles sound effects on and off
/standStand (if you are standing, you will sit instead)
/stateinfoToggles the status icon descriptions
/taekwonShows top 10 TaeKwon Kids in the server
/tingonlyOnly chat room sound is audible
/tipOpens ''Tip of the Day''
/traceaiSaves Homunculus' status as a text file
/v [0-127]Adjusts the sound effect volume
/w or /whoDisplays number of players online
/whereDisplays your current location (map name and XY coordinates)
/windowDisplay windows will snap/dock together. On | Off

Ragnarok Online – Slash Commands

These commands should work with all official versions of Ragnarok

If you feel we need to add any additional information please leave a comment

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