EverQuest 2 – Combat Commands

Attacking Commands

/autoattack/autoattackToggles autoattacking on or off.
/autoattack 0Stops all autoattacks
/autoattack 1Turns melee autoattacking on
/autoattack 2Turns ranged autoattacking on
/toggleautoattack/toggleautoattackAnother alias for /autoattack.
/togglerangedattack/togglerangedattackToggles ranged autoattacking on or off.


Dynamic Data information AKA Weapon Stats

/weaponstatsShows the current damage of your weapons.
/dynamicdata stats.ability_modShows your ability modifier amount
/show_window mainHUD.ImpliedTargetopens window showing who your target is targeting, good for healers and tanks


Targeting commands

CTRLTarget Next Encounter NPC
/assist LovesitTargets Lovesit's current target.
/tagtarget 1tag your target with a 1
/tagtarget clearclear your target's tag
/tagtarget skulltag your target with a skull icon
/target LovesitTargets Lovesit
/target_group_member g1Targets your group member 1 (order is as shown on the group window).
/target_group_pet 1Targets the pet of your group member 1 (order is as shown on the group window).
/target_mercTargets your merc
/target_nearest_npcTargets the nearest NPC or harvesting node.
/target_next_npcTargets the next NPC.
/target_noneYour target nothing
/target_prev_npcTargets the last NPC.
/target_previousYou target whatever you were targeting prior to this commmand.
/target_selfYou target yourself
/targetpc LovesitYou target a player called Lovesit
/whot {target}If you target an NPC or monster, it will at least return that the target "is an NPC."
/whotarget {target a PC/NPC}Will return information on the character (level, race, guild, etc - unless /Anonymous).
EscapeClear Target
F1Target Self
F2 through F6Target Groupmates
F7Target Nearest PC
F8Target Nearest NPC
Manualy set, no defualtTarget Previous Encounter NPC
Shift + F1Target Pet
Shift + F2 through F6Target Group Pets
Shift + TabTarget Previous NPC
Single left-click on object or character in worldviewTarget
TABTarget Next NPC
target_petTargets your pet.


Combat Logs

/combat_filter <filter#> works
This command will turn on server-side filtering of combat data.
Filter #’s:
0 => None (same as before the patch)
1 => Self (you will only get combat messages for yourself/your pet)
2 => Group
3 => Raid

resets after zoning, run command again in new zone. Try “/combat_filter 1” to reduce lag


Looting Commands

/setautolootmode 0Sets Auto-Loot mode for your character.
0 = None
1 = Greed or Accept
2 = Decline
/summon_chestSummons all nearby treasure chests that are yours to you.