Fortnite Quests – Best way to easily level to 100!

Fortnite Quests are an easy way to gain XP and get to level 100. There are so many to complete, its not just about getting those eliminations.  At level 100 you will be able to unlock most of the skins from the battlepass and maybe some extra’s. These can involve anything from obtaining head shots with a particular gun, collecting items or even completing certain tricky actions in a given match, like sliding and getting a head shot at the same time.

How do I find my Fortnite Quests?

Quests in Fortnite are located from the Quest menu. You find this by pressing “M” key and clicking the QUESTS tabe at the top left of the page

Fortnite Quests Menu
Fortnite Quests Menu Located at the top left after pressing “M”

Or by clicking on the “New Quests” button on the main character screen

Fortnite New Quests
Fortnite New Quests on the Main Character Screen

How often do new Fortnite Quests come out or reset?

Fortnite Weekly Quests are reset and new ones become available every Thursday around 7 am PT | 10 am ET | 2 pm BST. You get a new set of Weekly challenges unlocked as you progress through the season. Weekly Quests will still be available even if the week finishes and new ones are unlocked. You have until the end of the season to finished all the weekly quests.

On the Quests Menu, different type of quests available to you:

  • Special Events – Shadow of the Phantasm Week – Weekly Quests for this week only, this one has new weapons with silencers
  • Story Events – Vibin’ – Quest Chain that follows a story line
  • Daily Quests – 3 Quests at a time to be completed on the day. They will reset on the following day
  • Weekly Quests – These unfold during the season, each week and can all be completed up to the end of the season in any order.
  • Milestones – These quests give you additional XP as you hit each mile stone such as X amount of damage completed with a DMR
  • Special Events – Play Your Way – More special event quest that are only available in selected match types. These change from time to time
Fortnite Quest Types
Fortnite Quest Types

The daily set of quests are rotated for a different set of daily quests every week but you can only have 3 daily quests at any one time. There is no limit to the number of daily quests you can complete, they will just keep coming.

What are the Fortnite Daily Quests?

There are plenty of combat daily quests such as “Get Headshots with a DMR  0/5” Most of these combat quests are easily completed during general play so I will focus on just the more detailed quests where you need to travel to a certain location to collect or interact with an item.

Fortnite Daily Quests
Fortnite Daily Quests

What are the Fortnite Weekly Quests?

Weekly Quests are a little more involved where you may be required to do 1 or 2 tasks to complete a single quest. Quests could also require you to visit multiple locations in a single match or even a series of actions like, Bounce on a Crash Pad, a Bouncy Slurpshrrom, and Off-road tires on a single match.

Just like the daily’s, you are asked to complete tasks, some harder than others. Here I will cover the trickier tasks or ones that requires you to travel to a location to complete an action or collect an item. Tasks such as “Drive on asphalt for 1000m” should be obvious.


Fortnite Weekly Quests
Fortnite Weekly Quests

What’s the fastest way to level up in Fortnite?

The easiest way to level up is to complete as many quests as possible at the same time while also surviving the storm and gaining eliminations. Extra XP is gained when multiple quest lines have completed so giving you an additional boost

  • Daily Quests                   1K XP each, then Bonus 15K XP for completing 1,2 & 3 Quests on the day
  • Weekly Quests               15K XP each, then Bonus 43K XP for completing all of the weekly task set. Can be completed in any order.
  • Special Event Quests    12K XP
  • MileStone Quests          5k XP each, then Bonus 20K XP on completing a Milestone Stage

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Will buying V-Bucks Help me level Up?

There is no direct way to buy V-Bucks and then gain levels instantly. However, you can buy V-bucks and then purchase the Battle Pass that will give you a bonus 25 levels, so I guess you can call these buying levels with V-Bucks. Check the In-game Item Shop for deals they may do from time to time on booster packs.

For me, playing Fortnite and earning those levels is better reward than paying for them with V-Bucks.

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