Eve Online puts the MASSIVE in MMORPG

The Sci-Fi MMORPG,  EVE Online is a great space sim and has a slightly different server setup than other MMORPG in the sense that it has only one realm/universe (there can only be one SPACE) and its big). Other MMORPG will have multiple realms with all slightly different rules to the game, some PvE some PVP but Eve just have ONE huge PVP arena. It has safe zone for the new players but essentially as you gain experience and move out into the universe you an open target to anyone not in your faction.

The MMORPG EVE Online is so huge, i don’t think a map would do it justice, did i mention it was huge?  Eve Online always reminds me of this quote by Douglas Adams

“Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

EVE Online in 2020 is now FREE to download and Play but has a range of in-game purchases but unlike a lot of Pay to Win games EVE Online seems to have selected a nice balance so not to let players become to over powering. You can buy  in-game credits or in the world of EVE its ISK and PLEX, you can buy additional training time to boost up character skills and also starter packs to speed up your newb progress.

You can play just as an Eve Alpha basically Free to play but with limited access to game content or upgrade to EVE Omega and enjoy access to the full ship and skills access.


EVE Online can be Downloaded from Steam

BTW EVE online is Huge, i think i did say that, the map is huge.  Since EVE release in 2003 i have returned several times for another go, usually when they release a major update and i always think “i am gunna be the best PVPer ever, gunna kit out some sweet ships and kick sum ass”  only to find am still a newb myself and there are hundreds if not thousands of players better then you and have been playing non-stop since the start.

The creators of EVE are always adding more features, like more battle ships, gun ships, mining ships, technology, more guns and has a market places to buy and sell these. EVE has its own economy and market place like no other. You can buy and sell anything to anyone anywhere, essentially trade just like real FOREX markets and earn ISK and PLEX that way, rather than fight mobs.

Eve Online Guide

The information i have collect on this site is not necessarily a guide as such but is great information to have on hand while playing. You can fine here:

Chat Channel Commands

Combat Commands

Drone Commands

General Slash Commands

Module Commands

Movement Commands

Navigation Commands

Window Commands

Drop a comment if you know anymore commands that need to be added.