Final Fantasy XI – FFXI – Still Amazing 20 Years on

Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) is another MMORPG from the early 2000’s (May 2002), along with EverQuest and Dark Age of Camelot it has a huge amount of content and Lore.  With 20 years of back ground and player base it has just improved with age but unlike EQ and DAoC  that have little in the way of graphics engine updates, FFXI has had a significant graphics update. For its age it looks absolutely amazing!

There is no new content coming out as of now and it seems updates are now being limited. The player bases also seems to be on the decline in favour of the faster paced new titles. How ever it is a game that is easy to solo so you can progress a long way on your own. For me the Guild team comradery is part of the appeal of a MMORPG and so for me this is where FFXI gets let down. In FFXI is has a characters that you can bring along to help you explore called “Trusts” a bit like Mercenarys in EQ. Once you hit lvl 99 this changes slightly as you will encounter more players at the top end that are willing to team up.

The GUI is the same style as you would expect from EQ and WoW etc with the ability to group different text into different windows to make them easier to read. It has familiar command shell that lets you make some quick fire macro style commands to help with the repeatable tasks you end up doing a lot.



FINAL FANTASY XI: (FFXI) Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition

Available on The Steam Store, As of April 2020, FFXI its not completely Free to Play. They give you only 30 Days of Free Play and then commands a £23.79  to buy and then a subscription that can run up high very quickly.

Free to Play  for 30 Days

£23.79 to Buy

£8.29 month subscription

£0.70 a month per additional character you have

Further £££ for Wardrobe packs


While this is not a guide on how to play but more of a reference guide. Here is information that I had to look up from time to time to help me progress through the game.

FFXI – Chat Commands

FFXI – Combat Commands

FFXI – Emotes / Actions

FFXI – General Commands

FFXI – Macro Commands

FFXI – Main Menu Commands

FFXI – Party / Alliance Commands

FFXI – Search Commands

FFXI – Shortcut Keys

FFXI – System Commands

Drop a comment if you know anymore commands that need to be added.


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