Search Cash Registers – for Gold – Chapter 4 Season 2

Search Cash Registers or variants of looking for cash registers or safes come up every so often. During Chapter 4 Season 1 and the Most Wanted Quest we see a search for Cash Registers and old school Safes. Check below to find out where the Cash Registers are now located

Fortnite - Search Cash Registers
Fortnite – Search Cash Registers

You will find Fortnite Cash Registers in almost every Gas Station, Shop and Cafe on the Fortnite Island. They are normally near the exit of the building as you are expected to pay for your goods or services on the way out. HAHA not on the Fortnite island you dont! Grab that gold before someone else does!  Be quick as other maybe on the same quest line!

What are Fortnite Cash Registers?

The Fortnite Cash Register is an old device (circa 1990) used for calculating your shopping bill. The operator would manually use it to add up all the items you have purchased and you would receive a paper bill at the end will all the items listed, these registers (of tills) required a certain amount of training and skill to use. The really early ones didn’t even list the items, they were like glorified calculators.

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What do Fortnite Cash Registers look like?

The Fortnite Cash Register looks like a beaten-up old Cash Register from the 90’s, I recall these being in my local supermarket around this time. When opening a Fortnite cash register you receive 100 XP so they are well worth opening when passing them. You will also receive an amount of gold that you can use to buy items. The amount is different depending on the locations, or is it totally random, I am not sure. Post bellow if you know if there is a format to this drop

Cash Registers Location - Faulty Splits Bowling
Cash Registers Location – Faulty Splits Bowling


Cash Registers Location - Slap N Go
Cash Registers Location – Slap N Go

What do you receive if you Search Cash Registers

Surprisingly you won’t find any cash! But what you will find is gold bars, before you search cash registers, they will have a “gold” glow about them and the draw will be closed. Once opened the gold will fall to the floor if you are not in close proximity and you may need to move closer to it to collect it.

Once collect the gold will show in the bottom right near your weapon layout. You can carry a max of 5000 gold and this can be used to purchase anything from weapons, heals, shields from the Vending machine but also you can use gold to hire the Fortnite NPC Mercenaries

Cash Registers Location - Hitches and Ditches
Cash Registers Location – Opposite Hitches and Ditches

How to Search Cash Registers in Fortnite

Just like any other items you interact with in Fortnite, click your USE keybind to open them and check the contents, stand close to the till to make sure you collect the gold immediately and not have to move about trying to get it from an awkward spot.

Cash Registers Location - Slappy Shores
Cash Registers Location – Gas Station at Slappy Shores

Search Cash Register & Spend Gold Bars Milestone Quest

In some seasons there is also a Search Cash Registers Milestone Quest chain to complete for bonus XP. This in-turn leads to a Spend Gold Bars Milestone Quest Chain for further Bonus XP, so by completing Search Cash Registers you can then go onto complete the Spend Gold Bars Milestone Quest, they go hand in hand.

Cash Registers Location - King's Launch
Cash Registers Location – King’s Launch

Where are the Cash Registers in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

To be able to Search Cash Registers in Fortnite you’re going to have to find them first. They are found, but don’t always spawn, in any of the Shops, Cafes and Gas Station They can be found near the entrance/exit doors of the building you enter so you should be able to see then right away.

The spawn rate can be random and they can also be destroyed to receive the gold, some players prefer this method as its faster but you don’t receive the opening 100xp for destroying them or qualify for the Search Cash Registers Quest.

During Chapter 4 Season 1 and the Most Wanted Quest I have found that the spawn rate on the Cash registers has changed due to the quest.

  • Safes – can now be found all over the island, but rare and random
  • Safes – Can always be found in the secure Vaults that need the key cards from the Boss mob. You will also find Cash registers in them. Marked in RED on the map
  • Cash Registers – You can still be found Cash Registers at the Gas Stations, Cafés, Shops and the Bowling alley. Marked in ORANGE on the Map
Fortnite Cash Registers Locations Map Chapter 4 Season 1
Fortnite Cash Registers Locations Map Chapter 4 Season 1



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Cash Registers Location - Most Wanted Vault
Cash Registers Location – Inside the Most Wanted Vault

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