Ragnarok Online – 71 Essential Emotes

Ragnarok Online has a great list of funny Emotes to express how your character is feeling.  They appear in a small speach bubble above your characters head and can be anything from Anger ( /an ) all the way to laughter ( /heh ) and even to play “Rock Paper Sissors”

Ragnarok Emotes List
Ragnarok Emotes List



Press the Alt + L keys to open the Emotion List window. You will find 3 pages, about 70 Emotes here. These can also be used and pinned via the Key Bar for quick access aswell as a Slash command







Ragnarok Shortcut List
Ragnarok Shortcut List


Press Alt + M keys brings up the Shortcut List with all the ALT short cuts. Here you can select an “ALT” + Number combo for the defualt Emotes or change the selection for your favorite emotes for a more personal feel to your character. You do this by high lighting the ALT key by clicking on the line for the number key you wish to change then click the Emote you wish to bind to that key.





Here are the defualt Emotes

CommandKey Combination
Alt + 1/hide
Alt + 2/?
Alt + 3/ho
Alt + 4/lv
Alt + 5/swt
Alt + 6/ic
Alt + 7/an
Alt + 8/ag
Alt + 9/$
Alt + 0/...

Ragnarok Online – 71 Essential Emotes

Here are all the Emotes i could find for Ragnarok Online. If you know of any others please add a comment

Emote CommandsAvailable only when you've reached a certain skill level
/!Act supprised
/$Dollar sign
/...leaves you speachless
/?You ask a question
/??Looking around, like something happened and your WTF?
/abs or /e28Your soul is Absent from your corspe, perhaps your about to die?
/aha or /icAh hah
/anAngry vein for when your super angry
/anger or /agAngry (smoke cloud)
/awsm or /e3Heart popping eyes
/bawiUsed in "rock, paper, scissors", or to indicate raising of the fist.
/boUsed in "rock, paper, scissors" and in greetings/farewells.
/bzz or /e1Angry face with poping vein
/com or /e9Come here finger
/crwd or /e17Crowd Cheering
/desp /otl or /e18Giving up
/dice or /e19Rolls a D6
/doridoriA very subtle head shake
/dum or /e16Dumbstruck
/e20Pointing finger
/ene or /e31Energy… maybe, most odd
/fret or /anFret
/fsh or /e13Starry eyes
/gawiUsed in "rock, paper, scissors" and in greetings/farewells.
/ggEvil laugh
/gogo Go Go!
/grat or /e11Congrats
/hehLaughing face. Funny!!!
/hlpCall for help
/hmmA thinking face
/ho or /delightHumming
/hpHELP appears on your head several times. You'll see this A LOT
/hp or /e12HP break needed
/hum or /e27Humiliation (maybe)
/icLight buld moment
/kisGives a kissing icon
/kis2Gives a kissing icon
/lvA beating heart -- you're in love!
/lv2A heart that flashes shortly -- cool
/meh or /e4Flapping tounge
/money or /$Money ($)
/mp or /e7SP break needed
/noA winking face with an index finger up... or a thumbs up, I think...
/no1Thumbs up and a wink, good job
/ohBig O, like Oh you (maybe)
/okA cute and nodding squirrel-like face
/omgIn Shock!!
/oops or /e29Opps
/panic or /e32PANIC!!
/pat or /e6hand petting a pet
/pifA pffft like your exhaling in disbelief
/qh or /boPaper
/rice or /e2Drooling
/rkdnlor /gawiScissors
/shy or /e5Blushing
/sigh or /e15You sigh
/slur or /e8Freeky drool face
/sobCrying face...
/spin or /e14Dizzy with drool
/spit or /e30Spitting
/sryYour sorry for something
/swt2Lots of sweatdrops
/wahCrying like a baby
/whisp or /e33A Whisp
/wnajr or /bawi or /qkdnlRock Fist
/xSame as NO
/yawn or /e10Yawny face

Ragnarok Online Emotes or Emoticons

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