FREE Fortnite Battle Pass 2022

Getting a Free Fortnite Battle Pass in Fortnite is totally possible, and when I say FREE, I mean totally FREE! No local currency spent, no $$$ or £££ parted with. Its a long term project so you have to be patient and wait for a while.

I am ignoring any:

  • Special Events
  • Prize Draws
  • Lotteries
  • Influencer give aways
  • Crazy YouTube Free codes that never work

This is the sure way of getting a Battle Pass and you are garrenteed to get it at the end! Its the way i have my Battle pass!

I would recommend you read my How to get Free V-Bucks Guide, this will also help you out a lot before progressing onto this guide. And also my Fortnite Quest Guides as this will help you level faster.

I am just about to get my totally Free Battle Pass for LIFE (as long as I keep playing) and I am going to explain how I have achieved this. It does take a while, but if you love playing Fortnite but don’t have the $$$ for a Battle Pass, keep reading…

Battle Pass Chapter 3 Season 4 Spider Gwen
Battle Pass Chapter 3 Season 4 Spider Gwen

How long with it take to get a Free Fortnite Battle Pass

If you want the Totally Free Battle Pass then its going to take you 3 Season and 20 Levels before you see all those amazing FREE Fortnite Skins for ever (did i mention you need to keep playing), but it’s going to be totally worth it. Sounds like a long time but “time fly’s when you’re having fun”

You should also read my Fortnite Quest Guides,  these will help you level as fast as possible.

How to Get a FREE Fortnite Battle Pass

Once you have read my Free V-Bucks Guide then you have an idea of what you will need to achieve. This is based on the idea you have an account with no V-Bucks and you’re starting off from Zero. If you have a few V-Bucks from already completed Chapters then you have already started your journey to Free Battle Pass

Its also assume you have some self controll and wont spend the V-Bucks as you earn them, lol

  • Your First Season – Level best you can to level 100 and collect 300 V-bucks as per my Free V-Bucks Guide. 300 V-Bucks banked
  • Your Second Season – Level best you can to level 100 and collect another 300 V-bucks as per my Free V-Bucks Guide. 600 V-Bucks banked
  • Your Third Season – Level best you can to level 100 and collect another 300 V-bucks as per my Free V-Bucks Guide. 900 V-Bucks banked
  • On your Forth Season – Level to 20 for another 100 V-Bucks banked and you now have 1000 V-Bucks and its time to Buy that Battle Pass.

Pic of Buying Battle Pass

Yes, it takes 9 months But as a casual player that doesn’t just play Fortnite or that may not have the funds for the Battle Pass this could be an alternative.

I have a Fortnite Battle Pass, What now?

Once you have a Battle Pass, either by the method above or by buying 1000 V-Bucks and then purchasing the pass, you are now in a great position to keep getting the pass every season. You can achieve this as within the Full Battle Pass you can earn a further 1200 V-Bucks (plus the 300 that doesn’t need the full pass) from levelling up and buying V-Bucks with battle Stars at 5 Stars per 100.

FREE Fortnite Battle Pass
FREE Fortnite Battle Pass

If you keep playing from now on going forward, even if you just power level to 100 to get the Free V-Bucks then you can just keep buying the Battle Pass every Season, you can keep going until Epic change the setup and nerf this process.

If you then keep the V-Bucks banked then you will have all you need each season to renew the Battle Pass and some bucks left over for other items and skins. All with not spending any $$$ or £££

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