Anarchy Online – Chat Commands

Anarchy Online – Controlling the chat window

Activate the chat input{Enter}
Cycle through previous inputsSHIFT + {arrow up} and SHIFT + {arrow down}
Activate input with reply to last /tellSHIFT + R
Cycle through which /tell to reply toSHIFT + {arrow up} and SHIFT + {arrow down}
Activate input with ‘/’ in the input{num /}
Submit chat input{Enter}
Scroll back in chat history{Page Up}
Scroll forward in chat history{Page Down}
Delete next character{Delete}
Delete previous character{Backspace}
Delete next wordCTRL + {Delete}
Delete previous wordCTRL + {Backspace}
Move cursor one character leftSHIFT + {arrow left}
Move cursor one character rightSHIFT + {arrow right}
Move cursor one word leftCTRL + {arrow left}
Move cursor one word rightCTRL + {arrow right}
Move cursor to beginning of input{Home}
Move cursor to end of input{End}
Toggle overwrite / insert{Insert}


Basic chat commands

Talk in the active channel{message}
Talk in vicinity chat/say {message}
Shout (vicinity chat)/shout {message}/s {message}
Whisper (vicinity chat)/whisper {message}/w {message}
Send private message/tell {name} {message}/t {name} {message}
Reply to last private message/reply {message}/r {message}
Emote (vicinity chat)/me {message}
Change chat channel/channel {channel}/ch {channel}
Talk to group/group {group} {message}/g {group} {message}
Invite user to private conference/invite {name}
Kick user from private conference/kick {name}
{channel} can be the beginning text of any channel. If two channels can be identified with the text, none will be chosen.


Special chat commands

Petition for ARK or GM assistance/petition {message}
Ignore targeted player/ignore
Add name to your buddy list!cc addbuddy {name}
Remove name from your buddy list!cc rembuddy {name}
Empty your "unknown" buddy list!cc rembuddy ?
Perform script/script {filename}/{filename}
Show text in chat window/text {message}
Toggle AFK mode/afk
Please make sure your petition message clearly informs the ARK or GM about your problem.
To use a script with just / the filename can not be identical to any chat command.


Editing Chat Colours

For each channel, or channel group, there are two customisable colours; the colour of the channel name in your Friends panel, and the colour of the actual text in your Chat View.
Both colours are edited in a file named ChatColours.cfg, which can be found in the folder …/Anarchy Online/prefs/

If this file does not exist, run Anarchy Online once and it will be created. You can also restore to default colours by deleting the file.

Editing the file

Open the file in a plain-text editor (i.e. Notepad). The file contains several lines of comments, in addition to the actual configuration lines. This description of how to edit the colours is also shown in the file.

Each line is interpreted as a colour name and 1 or 2 colour values. If two colours are given, the first value will be used in the chat, and the second will be used in the group list. If only one colour is present, that colour will be used in both places.

A colour can be written either as #rrggbb or 0xrrggbb where “rrggbb” is a hexadecimal representation of the colour, or it can be written as a RGB triplet inside parenthesis like (R,G,B) or (255,0,0) to get a red colour.


vicinity = (0,255,0) ; green text in both chat and group list.

vicinity = (0,255,0),(0,0,255) ; green text in chat, blue text in group list.

vicinity = #00ff00 ; green text in both chat and group list.

vicinity = #00ff00,#0000ff ; green text in chat, blue text in group list.

Empty lines and text after a semicolon are ignored. The file will be automatically reloaded by the game when modified, and the changes are instantly reflected in the game. If this file is missing, a default file will be created during startup of Anarchy Online.

Anarchy Online – Chat Commands

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