Planetside 2 – Epic Planetary Carnage

Planetside 2 is all out 3-way planetary carnage on a continental scale.  It was formally, like EverQuest, owned by SOE but now run by Daybreak Game Company. The carnage is truly on an epic scale with 3 different factions battling it out for continent domination. You get to play as infantry, with an array of weapons and armour to select from.  land vehicles such as transport, fast attack or tank style and air vehicles with transport or attach options. All three factions have a different version in each of these areas but at the same time balanced as not to over power the other. One faction may gain some armour but less attack or vice versa. In all the teams are pretty balanced.

In 2020 Planetside 2 received a huge update and so for any players that have not played in a while its worth another look.  They introduced Bastions, these are basically a base for your platoon and can call in orbital strikes and a whole bunch of other goodies.

Planetside 2 – Free to Play

You can download Planetside 2 direct from Daybreak but i like to keep my games central and utilise the account backup feature by downloading Planetside 2 via steam This way all my game saves are on my Steam Account.

While this is not a guide on how to play but more of a reference guide. Here is information that I had to look up from time to time to help me progress through the game.

Planetside 2 – Chat and General Commands

Planetside 2 – Commander Outfit Platoon and Squad Management


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