Best PUBG Keyboard Controls – 2023

Best PUBG Keyboard Controls are going to vary from player to player, but we can get an idea of the Best Keybinds from the Professional player that spend hours perfecting there skills at eliminating others

Here are a few of the Best PUGB Players and the keybinds they use. They won’t be best for everyone, but gives you some ideas on what to try out. Add them to your set up and give them a go, you might find you are a bit quicker at of the controls. If not, roll back to the PUBG Default Keyboard Controls

Best PUBG keyboard controls for Beginners

If you are new to PUBG Battlegrounds, but have played other Battle Royale games, you will notice that the keybinds are slightly different. This might confuse you for a bit but it’s worth sticking with the original PUBG Controls for a few games, you might be surprised at the layout. After a few games then start changing the keybinds about more to your liking.

Here are the most common PUBG Keyboard Controls, let’s see how they differ from the professional players.

Best PUBG Keyboard Controls
Best PUBG Keyboard Controls

How do you reset PUBG Keyboard Controls to Default

If you change your PUBG Default Keyboard Controls but then don’t like them and wish to roll back to the original controls, check on the Settings Menu, and on the bottom of each page you will see  APPLY   BACK   DEFUALT.   Click Default to return to standard.

Defualt PUBG Keyboard Controls
Defualt PUBG Keyboard Controls

How do I change PUBG keyboard settings?

From the main menu screen, the one with your characrter looking about, click the Cog Symbol in the top right and then click Settings.

PUBG Keyboard Controls - Key Bindings
PUBG Keyboard Controls – Key Bindings

You can edit any of the PUBG Keyboard Controls from the Settings menu, follow How to Change the PUBG Keyboard Controls

What Keyboard Controls do the Pro Players Use?

Professional PUBG Players will use a variety of settings and controls, mainly based around the Hardware they have selected to play on. Not all Monitors, Mice or keyboards, look, feal or react the same. Even 2 identically spec’d mice, made by different manufactures will have different feels about them and so could need different settings.

You can review the settings that Pro-players use and get an idea of how they play and try them out. Try out some of the Pro-player keyboard controls from the players on this page, see if they feel combatable or not, change them about if you need to.

Ultimately, you are looking for a Keyboard layout that you feel relaxed with, can get to all the keys quickly and that won’t give you RSI. RSI is something to be taken seriously if you’re gaming for hours at a time and is easily missed. Any aches or the need to stretch out is an indication that you need a break. Take at least 15min breaks every 2 hours.

What’s are the Professional PUBG Keyboard Controls?

Here are the main keybinds used by a few of the top players. You may find these better or worse than the defaults or what your used to using but it’s worth giving them a try. you can see some of the keybinds are wildly different from the defaults, players will normally place the most used keys close to the primary fingers. Primary fingers normally have a better reaction time than say, your little finger.

Myself, I switched to using C for crouch rather then Left-Shift. I found this much easier to use and so I then started using C for crouch in Fortnite as well.

ActionChocotaco's KeybindsUbah's KeybindsGrimmmz KeybindsShroud Keybinds
Aim MethodHoldHoldHold
AimRight Mouse ButtonRight Mouse ButtonRight Mouse Button
ADSMouse Button 4Right Mouse Button (Click)Right Mouse Button (click)
QuickmarkerScroll buttonScroll button
VaultMouse Button 5N
JumpSpace BarSpace BarSpace Bar
Cycle Fire ModeBB
AutoRun0Equals / Num LockEqualsMiddle Mouse Button
Move ForwardWWW
Move LeftAAA
Move BackwardSSS
Move RightDDD
Peek LeftQQQ
Peek RightEEE
WalkLeft CtrlLeft CtrlLeft Ctrlleft Alt
SprintLeft ShiftLeft ShiftLeft Shift
Toggle CameraVVV
FreelookLeft AltLeft AltLeft AltMouse Button 2
FireLeft Mouse ButtonLeft Mouse ButtonLeft Mouse Button
Next WeaponNum 7 / Mouse Wheel UpMouse Wheel UpMouse Wheel Up
Previous WeaponMouse Wheel DownMouse Wheel DownMouse Wheel Down
Primary Weapon 1111
Primary Weapon 2222
Side Arm333
Melee Weapon444
Toggle Firing ModeXBBQ
Unarm (Fists)BXXX
Increase ZeroingTPage Up / Thumb Mouse Button 2Page Up
Decrease ZeroingGPage Down / Thumb Mouse ButtonPage Down
Reset ZeroingMiddle Mouse Button
Toggle Throwing StanceRight Mouse ButtonRight Mouse Button
Cook GrenadeRR
Use Med KitDefault77
Use First Aid KitF188
Use BandageF299Shift + 1
Use Boost Item000Shift + 3
Use Heal ItemHyphenHyphenShift + 2
Use Energy DrinkF400Shift + 4
InventoryI / TabI / TabI / Tab
Push to TalkPage Up / Middle Mouse ButtonTTMouse Button 1
Holster WeaponX
Equip GrenadeG
Driver SeatW
Delete My MarkerDelete
Motorcycle Air Control Roll RightV
Motorcycle Air Control Roll LeftC

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