All 150 Fortnite Keybinds / Keyboard Controls Full List (Dec 2022)

Here are ALL 150 of the default Fortnite keybinds regardless of what game mode you’re playing in, what vehicle you are driving or even if you are in creative mode. Once you have the list presented like this it’s easy to learn the basic keybinds to get into the game quickly. There are a lot of keybinds that do multiple roles depending on your game situation, like the E key or the mouse buttons.

An alternative view of the list of keys can be found on one of my other pages Default PC Fortnite Keybinds group as you see it in the game settings area

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What Fortnite Keybinds do I need to know?

I would recommend getting comfortable with the movement keys, aiming and firing at first. Once you have this mastered then move onto the build keybinds.

These are the default keybinds you will find when you first install Fortnite. Once you have played for a while it is always worth looking at other keybinds like the top players use. Everyone is different so try a few setups until you find the one that works best for you.

Fortnite Keybinds Menu Options
Fortnite Keybinds Menu Options

Fortnite Keyboard Controls

On the in-game menu, under Settings you will find all the actions and what keys they are bound too.  If a key doesn’t feel right to you, then change it to something that suites you better. You can always change it back to the original key if it doesn’t work for you.

Use the table below to search for a Key you are looking for or change the order the list is in by clicking the top table line in light blue.

What are Secondary Fortnite Keybinds?

In the keyboard controls area of settings, you can assign a 2nd keybind to an action. These are secondary keybinds meaning you can have 2 keys for one action if needed. There are not many keys assigned on this list but means you can try out a new location for an action without changing the primary key

Primary KeySecondary KeyAction
1Creative Slot 1
1Weapon Slot 1
2Creative Slot 2
2Weapon Slot 2
3Creative Slot 3
3Weapon Slot 3
4Creative Slot 4
4Weapon Slot 4
5Creative Slot 5
5Weapon Slot 5
6Creative Slot 6
7Creative Slot 7
8Creative Slot 8
'PCreative Phone Toggle
ALeft ArrowMove Left
BCreative Quick Menu
BDriver Load Speaker
CCreative Prop Pull
CDriver Radio Next Station
CDriver Roll Right
Force Jog
DArrow RightMove Right
DeleteDriver Self Destruct
DeletePassenger Self Destruct
ECreative Island Panel Start Game
ECreative Prop Rotate Counterclockwise
EDriver Exit
EPassenger Use / Exit
Num LockAuto Run
FCreative Prop Push
FObject Carry / Slidegrade
FObject Place
FToggle Harvest Tool
F3Trap Equip/Picker
F4Squad Comms
GBuilding Edit
GCreative Prop Drop to Floor
HCreative Island Panel Toggle Detail
HRepair / Upgrade
Hold Right Mouse ButtonDriver Targeting (Zoom)
Left AltCurser Mode
Left CtrlCreative Fly Down
Left CtrlCrouch (tap)
Slide (Hold)
Left CtrlCrouch While Building (Tap)/Slide(Hold)
Left CtrlSwitch Seat
Left Mouse ButtonCreative Building Copy
Left Mouse ButtonCreative Copy
Left Mouse ButtonCreative Prop Copy
Left Mouse ButtonDriver Energy Cannon
Left Mouse ButtonDriver Fire
Left Mouse ButtonDriver Move Up
Left Mouse ButtonDriver Shoot
Left Mouse ButtonDriver Stomp
Left Mouse ButtonFire
Left Mouse ButtonFire / Contract Grapple
Left Mouse ButtonPassenger Shotgun
Left Mouse ButtonPlace Building (Build)
Left Mouse ButtonPossess Drop
Left Mouse ButtonSelect Building Edit
Left ShiftBoost
Left ShiftCreative Fly Up
Left ShiftDriver Boost
Left ShiftSprint
Left ShiftSprint
MCreative Building Mirror
MToggle Map
Mouse Wheel DownPrevious Picker Wheel
Mouse Wheel DownSlot Up
Mouse Wheel UpNext Picker Wheel
Mouse Wheel UpSlot Down
No Default BindingCreative Clear Selection
No Default BindingCroush(Tap) / Slide(Hold) / Gyro Modifier(Hold)
No Default BindingGyro Modifier
No Default BindingHarvesting Tool (Axe/shovel)
No Default BindingLocker Emote Slot 1
No Default BindingLocker Emote Slot 2
No Default BindingLocker Emote Slot 3
No Default BindingLocker Emote Slot 4
No Default BindingLocker Emote Slot 5
No Default BindingLocker Emote Slot 6
No Default BindingLocker Emote Slot 7
No Default BindingReset Camera
No Default BindingReset Camera / Gyro Modifier(Hold)
No Default BindingStart Recording
No Default BindingStop Recording
No Default BindingToggle Harvest / Gyro Modifier(Hold)
No Defualt BindingPlace Enemy Marker
QCreative Island Panel Support Creative
QPassenger Shield Boost
QSwitch QuickBar
RCreative Building Rotate Clockwise
RCreative Prop Rotate clockwise
RCreative Select
RDriver Move Down
RDriver Radio On/Off
RRotate Building
RUtility Ability
Right Mouse ButtonChange Building Material
Right Mouse ButtonEscape KeyCreative Building Exit
Right Mouse ButtonCreative Pick Up / Exit
Right Mouse ButtonEscape KeyCreative Prop Exit
Right Mouse ButtonDriver Move Down
Right Mouse ButtonDriver Target
Right Mouse ButtonDriver Tractor Beam
Right Mouse ButtonExtend Grapple
Right Mouse ButtonPassenger Missiles
Right Mouse ButtonReset Building Edit
Right Mouse ButtonTarget
Rigth Mouse ButtonDriver Honk
Rigth Mouse ButtonDrivr Free Look
SSpace BArDriver backwards
SDown ArrowDriver Pitch Backward
SDown ArrowMove Backward
Space BarBoost
Space BarDriver Brake
Space BarDriver Jump
Space barDriver Move Up
Space BarDriver Powerslide
Space BarDriver Push(Tap)/Coast(Hold)
Space BarDriver Stop Engine
Space BarJump
TPush to Talk
TSecondary Ability
TABCreative Prop Rotation Axis(TAP)/Reset(Hold)
TabToggle Inventory
VCreative Prop Grid Snap
VCreativeBuilding Grid Snap
WUp ArrowDriver Pitch Forward
WLeft ShiftDriver Start Engine
WUp ArrowMove Forward
XCreative Delete
XCreative Prop Remove From QuickBar
XDriver Roll Invert
ZCreative Building Rotate Counterclockwise
ZDriver Roll Left
ZMouse Button 2Wall
Force Jog (Hold)

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