Dark Age of Camelot – Battle Group Commands

Battle Group Commands

/bg grantcredit [MasterLevel] [PlayerName]Allows Batttlegroup Leader to grant credit for completed Master Level steps.
/battlegroup groupclassShows the class makeup of each of the groups in the battlegroup
/battlegroup groupsWill display a group focused version of the /battlegroup who command. It will identify who is grouped within the battlegroup, who is grouped with people outside the group, and who is solo.
/battlegroup invite [playername]Invites the specified player to the battlegroup
/battlegroup join [moderator name]Join a public battlegroup by name of the moderator
/battlegroup join [moderator name] [password]Join a private battlegroup which has a password set
/battlegroup leaveRemove oneself from the battlegroup
/battlegroup listenPuts the battlegroup on listen mode; only the moderator and leaders can speak
/battlegroup loot treasurer | normalToggles the treasurer feature on and off.
/battlegroup lootlevel [level]Sets a threshold for the level an item must be to enter into this system.
/battlegroup passwordDisplay the current password for the battlegroup (moderator only)
/battlegroup password clearClears the current battlegroup password
/battlegroup password [new password]Sets a new password
/battlegroup privateThe battlegroup is invite or password-only
/battlegroup publicThe battlegroup is public and anyone can join by typing /bg join
/battlegroup remove [playername]Removes the specified player from the battlegroup
/battlegroup statusDisplays the current member count of the battlegroup
/battlegroup treasurer [battlegroup member name]Designates the specified player as the treasurer for the battlegroup.
/battlegroup whoLists all members of the battlegroup
/bg creditDisplays credit for Battlegroup Master Level encounters that have been completed within the last 10 minutes. This command can be used by the Battlegroup leader without restriction.