WoW Guild Commands – 12 Essential World of Warcraft Guild Commands

WoW Guild Comamnds are used by the Guild Leader and Guild Officers to manage and run the guild. These commands are not enabled for guild members. See WoW Slash Commands for the general game commands.

WoW Guilds are a must if you want to experience the high level content. All the “End Game” dungeons and content will require many groups to fight the “Boss Mobs”  This is where Guilds come into play.

Guilds in World of WarCraft will normlay start with a group of like minded players that have grouped together for a while that then want to go onto the next level and form a guild attracting more players and aiming for that high level content. You will have several key players that make up the core guild team.

Long established guilds will have websites, Discord channel and even Whatsapp groups setup for members to communicate together outside of the game. These are the ones you should aim for if you want to see end game content.

  • Guild Leader – Usually the player to have started the guild and someone with that “Can do” Attitude
  • Guild Officers –  Assinged by the Guild Leader. On large guilds you can have lots of Officers all with a special area of guild business that they look after
    • Class office
    • Raid Officer
    • Bank officer
    • Recruitment Officer
    • DKP Office (Dragon Kill Points for Raid loot, not all guild have one)

And so on, i think you get the idea.

For a good high level raiding guild to function effectivly you need a few core players, everyone else is just there to assist the Main Assist and DPS the mobs. Only the really big raids we will see  2-3 of these groups that run independently to complete dungeons where several main tanks are needed

What Skills does a good WoW Guild need?

  • Team Work – The Core Teams need to work well together. If they fail, the raid fails
    • They should group, adventure together a lot to get to know each others limits and each thers play styles
  • Gear –  Essentially the Main Tanks and Main healers will need that top level gear.
    • If your Tanks and Healers are dying on every encounter you wont ge too far
    • Dont be supprised to join a new guild and find all they are doing is kitting out the Tanks and Healers for a while
  • Practice – Dont expect to win first time on every encounter. Sometimes they take a bit of practice
    • Raid Officer should know what mobs are coming next and if there are any stratagies to kill them easyer

How do i get into a WoW Guild?

Its easy you say, just get an invite from an officer!  True but is the guild that gives you an invite on a 5min chat the guild you would like to join?

Have a think about what you want from a guild, are you the right level, are they doing the content that you want to see, do you have any friends in the guild that you want to play with.

Once you have a short list of guilds you would like to join use some of the chat commands to find players online and group with them. Find what instances or dungeons they are doing and find some like minded players that fit your class well. If you are a cleric find some warriors or paladins and put them on your friends list and group up.

Have a chat to these players about the guild they are in but dont be pushy. Once the other players see you play well and are cool to hang out with then the next step is that invite you have boon looking for. After a few group ups and you dont get an invite, then politly ask, How do i get into your guild?  They may have an application process you will need to complete.

Once in a new guild, just like meeting any new people, the key here is to be kind and curtious and offer your class services to groups and team up with guild members as often as you can. No one will appriciate a new member joining and imidiatly asking for help doing a quest that benefits just you. You may even have to complete a probation period so be on your best behaviour.


WoW Guild Commands

Here are the WoW guild commands that all leaders and officers should know or have handing to use when needed

/g [message]Sends a chat message to all members of your guild.
/gdemote [player]Demotes a player one rank within your guild.
/gdisbandDisbands your guild (guild leader only).
/ghelpFor a list of guild commands
/ginfoGives basic information about your guild
/ginvite [player]Invites another player to join your guild.
/gleader [player]Sets another player as the guild leader (guild leader only).
/gmotd [message]Sets the guild's message of the day.
/gpromote [player]Promotes a player one rank within your guild.
/gquitRemoves you from your guild.
/gremove [player]
Removes a player from your guild.
Gives an entire guild roster (officers and leaders only).
/o [message]Sends a chat message to all officers of your guild

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