My First Fortnite Solo Crown Victory Royale (PC)

My First Fortnite Solo Crown Victory Royale, after 3days 7Hours and 34Mins of play time by achieving 12 eliminations (most of the eliminations where with a green DMR) I finally defeating SamJam777 who came second.

I am starting to pick up some new strategies to defeat other players as well as refining some old ones, but still lack those twitch reflexes from my younger days of playing Battle Royal games.

I’m still in the process of adding more content for Fortnite and have started with the basics about using the Fortnite default Keybinds and then modifying it  slightly it to match your play style.

What is the Victory Crown in Fortnite?

In Fortnite Season 3, winning the victory crown got slightly harder to achieve and so has become a little more rare.

The Victory Crown is now awarded by winning a Battle Royal Match by becoming the last person standing.  It not only signifies you have won the last Battle Royal you were in but also gives the player an XP boost for eliminating opponents, completing quests/tasks and surviving the storm.

When you start a new game and you are waiting on the holding island other players will see the glow around your character and so know you have a crown. Watch out as other players will want your crown and could look out for you jumping off the bus. I normlay keep out of sight so other player are not looking for my skin when i jump from the battle bus.

How do you know if a player has a Victory Crown in Fortnite?

If you are eliminated from the match and you drop your crown or a player drops their crown on purpose (to give to another player) it will flash on the local area map and show up in the Elimination Feed as a message. Your player’s name will also be highlighted in the message feed as a animated golden colour showing you have the crown. Watch out players will want to track you down for your crown.

When the following events happen, your character will gain a golden shooting star or sun rays affect around the crown, like in the picture below in the top left.

  • Storm Circle shrinks
  • You pick up the Crown
  • When you eliminate a player

When the crown is dropped, it also shows on the local map (150m range)

How do you Obtain a Victory Crown in Fortnite?

The Victory crown is just that, it’s a Crown awarded to a player for winning a Battle.  You can also pick crowns up from other players that have won them in previous matches and then been eliminated in your game. When eliminated from the game your player drops their crown, it is displayed on the map and in the elimination channel but won’t last for long as it de-spawns.

How do you Obtain a Crowning Achievement in Fortnite?

You need to win or pick up a crown and keep hold of it, and then win the battle to get the Crown Victory Royal and receive the Crowning Achievement emote, shown in my picture below. The emote shows off your Crowning Achievement, where your crown is placed on a red cushion and your wins are counted up.

Fortnite Crown Solo Victory Royale
Fortnite Crown Solo Victory Royale


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