Final Fantasy XI – FFXI – Combat Commands

Battle Commands

/attack (/a) [Target]Auto-attack your current target.
/attackchangeChanges target
/attackoffStop attacking.
/autotarget on/offToggles auto-target for battles. Will automatically attack next enemy if the current enemy you are attacking dies.
/lockon [Target]Your character will follow the target if /automove is engaged.
/target (/ta)Targets the closest item, person, or enemy nearest to you.
/targetpcTargets the nearest playable character to you.
/targetnpcTargets the nearest non-playable character to you.
/help (/h)If you are in trouble, this command will call other people in your area for help. You will not gain experience if you call for help.
/assist (/as)Auto-target the enemy who is attacking a player who called for /help.
/item [Item Name]Use the consumable item in your inventory.
/equip [Item Name]Equip weapons, armor, etc.
/magic (/ma) ''[Spell]'' [Target]Allows you to cast a magic spell. The spell name bust be properly spelled and capitalized. This also works with Ninjitsu and Songs.
/weaponskill (/ws) ''[Skill]'' [Target]Allows you to use a weapon skill.
/ninjitsu (/nin) ''[Spell]'' [Target]Allows you to cast Ninjitsu.
/song (/so) ''[Song]'' [Target]Allows you to cast a song.
/jobability (/ja) ''[Job Ability]'' [Target]Allows you to use a job ability.
/pet ''[Pet Command]'' [Target]Give your pet a command.
/range (/ra) [Target]Use a ranged attack provided that you have a ranged weapon equipped.
/shoot [Target]Use a ranged attack provided that you have a weapon that can shoot.
/throw [Target]Use a ranged attack provided that you have a weapon that can be thrown.
/check (/c) [Target]Check an enemy to see how difficult the enemy would be to fight. Check a player to see their equipment, title, bazaar info, etc.
/fishGo fishing if you have a rod equipped with bait and are near water.
/digCommand your chocobo to dig provided that you have Gyshall Greens in your inventory. One Gyshall Green per dig.
/dismountDismount from your chocobo.
/healCharacter will kneel and go into healing mode.


Targeting Commands

Selects your current target.
Select a target while locked on to another target. Helpful for healing while attacking at same time.
Subtarget, restricted to players.
Subtarget, restricted to non-players.
Name of the last subtarget selected.
Targets the mob being fought by your party.
-Selects a party member. 0 is yourself.
Selects yourself.
Lists your current position based on map grid coordinates.
Lists your current position while on a boat or airship.
-Plays a sound effect with controller vibration (for PS2). This is useful for alerting party members to danger, skill chains, etc. These only work in party chat mode.
-Same as , except without the controller vibration.
-Same as , except without the sound effect.
Displays your current health.
Displays your current mana.
Displays your current TP as a percent.
Displays your current health as a percent.
Displays your current mana as a percent.


Pet Commands

Shows your pet's current HP.
Shows your pet's current TP.


Final Fantasy XI – FFXI – Combat Commands