Guild Wars 2 – Free to Play and Still looking Good

Guild Wars 2 as the imaginative title would suggest is the successor to Guild Wars. This next instalment takes this franchise of MMORPG to the next level with updated sound and graphics engines over the last episode.  The engine is nothing but amazing, the zone creative, the creatures well animated and the backdrops in the distance fabulous. For the age of this game it truly is fantastic, it makes me want to look round every corner and explore every dungeon.

Guild Wars 2 was released Aug 2012 and it still going strong today.

The character creation process is nice with lot of options on body style, face shape, hair, eyes, facial hair etc etc     Lots of back story options to select from along with deity, this actually affects your story as you progress through the game and progress quests dedicated for your character.  Once character creation is completed it then has a great opening scenes that explains your back story from the choices you just made, this is very much worth watching. There are also some more cut scenes later in the game.

The combat system is very active and differs greatly from EQ or WOW. When casting spells you can actuality run around still, unlike EQ or WOW, this actuality took me a while to get used too.  You still have the normal MMORPG play style when it comes to GUI layout, macros, slash commands and short cut keys.  The GUI has a good lay out and doesn’t look to cluttered and you actual get a mini map with compass with the standard GUI.

The PVP element that Guild Wars 2 is known for is actually Server V Server V Server. So 3 servers battling it out for points and award for your server. When you enter PVP your character will auto level up to MAX if too low and join the fight with a appropriate set of gear and skills for that level. The PvP battles seem much more even compared with EQ or WOW that are very much gear based. With Guild Wars i feel much more ownership has been places on character movement and placement and timing of ability’s rather then your equipment.

Guild Wars 2 releases new content from time to time an interestingly these updates are free for the first 2 months of release before becoming chargeable. So, if you have a break from Guild Wars its best to login once a week to pull down new updates and qualify for the new free content before it becomes chargeable.


Is Guild Wars 2 Free to play?

You can play the entire core game free of charge, with some restrictions, so you can really find out if you like it or not totally free. When you decide you want to stay these restrictions are lifted, they include character slots, bag slots, some Guild and communication options and the daily bonuses.

A full list can be found here Guild Wars 2 Free Account (Features)

Guild Wars 2 is only available for download from the official site

Like the other games i post on my site this is not meant to be a guide on how to play Guild Wars but a comprehensive list of the commands you will need to navigate the world.

Guild Wars 2 – Emotes

Guild Wars 2 – Slash Commands


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