Ragnarok Online – 5 Amazing Versions

Ragnarok Online in an unusual MMORPG when looking at the graphics style. It is not so different to that of Ultima Online or the more modern Final Fantasy IX.   Its nothing like EverQuest or World of WarCraft and with this game it could be considered a good thing. If it had not been for the 3D world and your 2D character that then moves around a note quite 3D looking map, it may not have been as successful as it has been.

Ragnarok choose to keep a tried and tested method stemming back to the Gauntlet days and build a colourful and amazing world.

The story behind Ragnarok is that of an old story based in a land called Midgurd about a peaceful but fragile land that is then ravaged by demons.  Stories are being told of evil forces coming back to life, story’s of which humans rid themselves of hundreds of years previously.

Ragnarok Online was removed from the Ragnarok Steam Download  Site and is now only available direct from the respected versions website.   I have never been a fan of it being removed from Steam as the platform gives the player that confidence that your account will be secure and your game saves are backed up via the steam platform. Maybe it was due to the game now having multiple platforms to play on or the lack of GDPR regulator in Korea…

Versions of Ragnarok

Classic and Pre-Renewal usually refer to the same type of server. These are servers focused on Ragnarok Online as it was before the sweeping 2008 Renewal changes, which altered the game’s direction and changed several core mechanics

Renewal refers to servers that did apply the mechanical changes of 2008. All official servers have applied these changes.

Revo-Classic is a newer style of server whose intention is to start with Renewal mechanics from the very beginning, rather than having it applied after Classic matured.

Zero is currently only available in Korea. Just like Revo-Classic, the base mechanics are Renewal but the server opens at an early episode with only 2nd jobs available, and the intention is to slowly add in each episode with new features over time.

Transcendence is iRO’s take on Zero. So far the intention appears to copy  this idea and provide additional changes, much like how their current Renewal servers work.

For the full explanation of the servers and a great guide read here:   r/RagnarokOnline

Ragnarok Online – Free to Download and Play

What ever Ragnarok version you decide to play they are all Free. But is this really free?  It means it is free to install and play but if you want the extra bells and whistles then your gunna have to spend some $$$. Once in the game portal there are options to purchase in-game credits to buy additional items to help you on your quests and adventures

Ragnarok comes in a few flavours and i am not including Ragnarok 2 in this list. This is the original Ragnarok 1 Versions we’re covering here. There are several version you can play depending on your geographic location. Please comment below if i have not got these correct, i would love to here from a staff member at Gravity to confirm my findings.

There are 3 official versions of the game running, the first based out of Korea and does not pass GDPR regulations for EU, another based out of the US and one based in Russia for the EU players.

The Official Ragnarok sites don’t have a SSL certificate installed on them (no HHTPS, just HTTP) and so you might be presented with security warnings when you arrive.  I would have expected to see SSL certs on such a big site, Hopefully its safe  /shrug


Ragnarok Online – Innova European (EU) Version

Ragnarok Online EU

Reviewing the licence agreement with Innova it would seem you can only play this version in the EU, please review section 4, part 2.9.  I am unsure if they have any site blocking in place so please comment below with any  additional findings.

http://www.ragnarokeurope.com  forwards to https://eu.4game.com  This site is hosted in Russia but has a Luxembourg address listed as its offices.

This is the first release of the game and so classed as the original.  In 2010 it had an update released that was entitled “Renewal” This had various updates in stats, gear and XP and also introduced a 3rd Job Class.

The Innova version is available to download Ragnarok Online.  Download RagnarokOnline-eu-Setup.exe from the Install button in the top right. I like to keep my games tidy and in one place so i download to here: D:\Games\RagnarokOnline-EU  but yours maybe on the C drive. Its an 8Mb download and then requires a further  1.74GB download and hard drive space to install.

You need a valid email address to use for sign up as you will be sent a authentication email with a personal link to prove its you. Once logged into the 4game portal you can select one of the games to play, select Ragnarok! You will now see news, patch updates and the shop with items up-to 74.99 Euro.

You can purchase a lot of in-game goodies to help you in your adventures but i would recommend you try the game for at least a month before parting with your hard earned cash.


Ragnarok Origin  – Korean WarpPortal Version

Ragnarok Online Korea

First thing to mention here for those of you in the EU, Warpportal.com is blocked for you due to GRPR data protection reasons. This version of Ragnarok is covered by the following websites

All these server are using Gravity’s own DNS servers and are registered to Gravity Co.,Ltd. so i would feel safe using them as legit servers to download your game from.

Unfortunately  you can NOT reach any of the Ragnarok  servers from EU, UK or Turkey. However you can use a VPN tunnel to give the illusion your in another country (like Korea) and then you can connect.  If your in the EU and want to start playing as a new player then start on the US or EU servers that currently have no restriction.

For old school returning players that still have accounts on the Korean servers then I would recommend you use Nord VPN .  You may need to try a few end point locations before you find the best one for you.


Ragnarok Online – US Gravity Interactive Version

This version of Ragnarok seems to be the US based version of the game.  Gravity Interactive Ltd also own WarpPortal and so they have 3 official versions of the game running, the first based out of Korea another based out of the US and one based in Russia for the EU players.  The US servers have 2 versions of Ragnarok running, both accessible from EU and registered to USA, New York office. Both have different downloads so select carefully.

Ragnarok Online US Transcendence

The Transcendence is a updated version of the South Korea’s Ragnarok Online: Zero service. This was an updated version of the original Korean Ragnarok Online game.

In the “Renewal” version of Ragnarok we see an updated UI, rules are tweaked for balancing, new pets and a slightly different story line as you travel across Rune of Midgard.

These server are using Gravity’s own DNS servers and are registered to Gravity Co.,Ltd. so i would feel safe using them as legit servers to download your game from.

You first need to download the game download client, RagnarokTranscendence-DLM.exe or Ragnarok-DLM.exe for Renewal.  Save this somewhere easy to locate on your PC.  Now run your chosen Ragnarok.exe, this asks you where you would like to install Ragnarok too, select your newly created folder and download and install the game.

The initial download size for Ragnarok Online is 2.8 Gb (2,810 Mb).  It uses a peer to peer down-loader with some options to throttle bandwidth up and down if you are on a slow connection. You need a valid email address to use for sign up as you will be sent a authentication email with a personal link to prove its you.

Ragnarok Online – Zero

Ragnarok Online Korea ZeroZero is not available outside of Korea, it was specialy targeting at this audience. This version of the game focuses on Renewal but only have 2nd Jobs with a 3rd Job not being available. New episode will be available over time.



Ragnarok Online – Private Server

Private server are game instances that are setup and configured by the fan base. These are not licences servers and often are run on home servers are cheep hosting.  All though some servers often offer some great additions to the game like update story line, special events and new mobs please remember as they are not official servers.  There is no one to turn too if your server suddenly is not there anymore and you will have lost your character and progress.

Ragnarok Online – Controls and Commands Lists

While this is not a guide on how to play but more of a reference guide. Here is information that I had to look up from time to time to help me progress through the game.

Ragnarok Online – Camera Controls

Ragnarok Online – Emoticons

Ragnarok Online – Shortcut Keys

Ragnarok Online – Slash Commands

If you feel we need to add any additional information please leave a comment

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