Guild Wars 2 – Emotes

Guild Wars 2 Emotes are access from the command line windows in the format of  /emote, /em, /e, or /me  followed by the emote command of choice. You can play around with targeting yourself, others and even NPC’s to produce different results.

Emotes can even be used to access areas, special abilities and change NPC’s view of you all using the /e command

When using /dance each race has there own as followed

  • Asura: Robot
  • Charr: Haka
  • Humans: Melbourne Shuffle
  • Norn: Carlton’s Dance
  • Sylvari: Bhangra

Adding a * after /dance will add your moves to the dance queue so everyone will start dancing at the same time. Queue is 5 seconds long

Guild Wars 2 – Emotes

/beckon[Character] beckons.[Character] beckons to [Target].
/bow[Character] bows.[Character] bows for [Target].
/cheer[Character] cheers.[Character] cheers for [Target].
/cower[Character] cowers.
/cry[Character] is crying.
/dance[Character] is busting out some moves, some sweet dance moves.
/kneel[Character] kneels.
/laugh[Character] laughs.[Character] laughs with [Target].
/no[Character] disagrees.[Character] disagrees with [Target].
/point[Character] points.[Character] points at [Target].
/ponder[Character] ponders.
/salute[Character] salutes.[Character] salutes [Target].
/shrug[Character] shrugs.[Character] shrugs at [Target].
/sit[Character] sits.
/sleep[Character] goes to sleep.
/surprised[Character] is surprised.[Character] is surprised by [Target].
/threaten[Character] is threatening.[Character] threatens [Target].
/wave[Character] waves.[Character] waves at [Target].
/yes[Character] agrees.[Character] agrees with [Target].


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