Travel in Whiplashes – Fortnite – Chapter 3 Season 4 – v22.40

The Travel in Whiplashes, just like the other Fortnite travel quests is pretty easy to complete. You just need to find a Whiplash, jump in it, travel the required distance, most quests are to travel 1000m and that’s it, OR is it?

Travel in Whiplashes Fortnite
Travel in Whiplashes Fortnite

Where to find a Whiplash in Fortnite

Travel in Whiplashes is pretty easy as they can be found all over the Fortnite Island. I have found the spawning can be slightly random but you should always find one (sometimes more) in the locations shown on the map.  At Sleepy Sound a Whiplash is sometimes parked out the front of the Fish Bar where you can find the NPC, Fish Cakes but if not, you will find some outside the 2 stores opposite the garage.

This is the Whiplash Fortnite Locations Map, marked in red. You should be able to find anything from 1-4 at these locations, with Chonkers Speedway having the most.

Whiplash Fortnite Locations Map Chapter 3 Season 4 v22.40
Whiplash Fortnite Locations Map Chapter 3 Season 4 v22.40

What is a Whiplash in Fortnite?

The Whiplash Fortnite kind of looks like a cross between a Lamborghini Countach and a Lancia Stratos so clearly a sports car of some kind.  These are 2 of my favourite real-world cars and so this combo with the addition of the Big Wheels and Cow Catch front ram is a dream come true. It one of my favourite strategies in Fortnite is to run into other players and watch them bounce into the air. I know, this is really annoying, right?

Whiplash Fortnite
Whiplash Fortnite

As there are a lot of Whiplash’s at Chonker’s Speedway (south end of the Fortnite island) with big tires already fitted, this is a great place to travel in whiplashes as there are 4 here. They are pretty fast and when equipped with a “Cow Catcher” they are great are either running down players or clearing buildings for loot. Clearing building is what I refer to as gold or item farming and I cover this in How to Farm Gold and Items in Fortnite

Whiplash Fortnite with Big Tyres & Cow Catcher
Whiplash Fortnite with Big Tyres & Cow Catcher

How to Travel in Whiplashes

Once you have found a Whiplash, select your main weapon before getting into the car as this will be your equipped weapon on exit.  Run over to the Whiplash you want, you can check its health and fuel when close, before you get into it (we can see below this Whiplash has 800/800 HP and 29% fuel so this is good to go). The information should appear when you get close, you can then decide if you taking this ride or looking for another. If a Gas Station is close then plan to refuel as soon as possible, you don’t want to be running out of fuel.

Now its time to travel in Whiplashes and take one for a Drive.  Press R to turn off the Radio!

Whiplash Fortnite Gas & HP
Whiplash Fortnite Gas & HP

Where and how can I refuel a Whiplash Fortnite

Refuelling is, like most actions in Fortnite pretty easy and is the standard “USE” action. The Whiplash uses a LOT of Gas, being a sports car and all, so your going to need to refule or you wont make the 1000m in one go. Plan to refuel right away or at least have a plan, swap to another whiplash, just get more distance in a different match or fill up on the way, it doesnt matter.

  • Find a Gas Station or Gas Pump
  • Park your Whiplash Next to a pump, DONT crash into the pump or it will explode
  • Get out and stand on the side of the car next to the pump
  • Interact with the pump by using the E Key or Use function
  • Turn to face your car, and click your normal Fire action button
  • If the Fuel Level doesn’t increase, move your mouse around slightly until it does
Whiplash Fortnite at a Gas Pump
Whiplash Fortnite at a Gas Pump

Now your refuelled, get back on the road and complete Travel in Whiplashes!

Tip:  You are very exposed when refuelling so “box up” if you’re in build mode. If you’re in Zero Build, just take care and be fast

Tip 2: In Duos or Trios, more than 1 person can refuel at the same time to make the refueling process FASTER!

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Chrome Whiplash Fortnite in Chapter 3 Seson 4

You can Chrome vehicles in Chapter 3 Season 4 and a Whiplash is a great choice, it looks super cool and the Chrome effect reveals some great looking decals

Chrome Whiplash - Chapter 3 Season 4
Chrome Whiplash – Chapter 3 Season 4


It also added a regeneration effect to the car, I didn’t know this until I jumped out after the Whiplash had taken too much damage, it started shimmering and sparkles came from it, I then noticed the HP started to regenerate.  It regenerated back to 800 in about 30 seconds.

Chrome Whiplash Fortnite Regenerating - Chapter 3 Season 4
Chrome Whiplash Fortnite Regenerating – Chapter 3 Season 4

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