EverQuest – Abbreviations

Allot of NEWBs see an OOC and ask “WTF?”. This should help clear things up for them.

AAAlternate Advancementpoints or abilities
ACArmor Class / Ancient Cyclops (Ocean of Tears, South Ro) / Ancient Croc (Upper Guk)Increase with level and AC gear. Zone
ADDAdditional mobNeeds a Tanking, Mezzing or Parking
AFAIKAs Far As I KnowYour being Honest about something
AFKAway From KeyboardA message can be placed after /afk to auto reply to sender
AGGROAggressionmob is angry, degree of mob anger
AGIAgilityIncreases with buffs and gear
AGROAggressionmob is angry, degree of mob anger
ALArch LichMob in
ANONAnonymousHides Level and Class
AOEArea Of Effect (aka AE)spell line that hits targets within an area rather than target only
AoWAvatar of WarMob in Keal
APAdventure PointsLDoN
APAkheva RuinsZone
ASAPAs Soon As PossibleChat
BABlood EmberSK Armour
BBButcherblock Mountains / Black BurrowZone
BDBlue DiamondTrade skill ingredients
BLUEBlue con / EXPMob level rating compared to yours. Also displays faction with the NPC targeted
BOOKTravel using PoK stonesAlso books / Spell book
BRBBe Right BackChat
BRTBe Right ThereChat
BTMBlue to Merefers to /con of PC/NPC
BTWBy The WayChat
BUBBubblerefers to visual representation of HP's, mana, exp,etc
BWBurning WoodsZone
CClarity/Clarity 2/KEI/Tranquility/VOQEnchanter buff for mana regen aka "crack"
C1 C2 C3 C4 C5Clarity/Clarity 2/KEI/Tranquility/VOQEnchanter buff for mana regen aka "crack"
CCCrystal Caverns / Crowd ControlZone / Off Tanking, Parking, Mezzing
CHComplete HealingCleric 7500hp heal
CHACharismaStat Buff
COATThistlecoat, Barbcoat, Bramblecoat...Ranger, Druid Buff
CoDCrypt of Decay / Command of DruzzilZone / Enchanter Spell
CoMCity of MistZone
CON/considerCheck level compared to yours and faction with an NPC
CoVClaws of VeeshanDragon faction
CRCorpse Retrieval / Cold ResistanceYour getting your corpse back / Your resistance to cold. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
CSCobalt ScarZone
CTCazic Thule / Temple of Cazic Thuleserver, deity / Zone
CYASee You LaterGoodbye
CYCCyclopsaka "One Eye"
DCDagnor's Cauldron / Dire CharmZone / Druid and Enchanter AA Skill
DDDirect Damageaka "burn" or "nuke"
DEDark ElfRace
DINGJust LeveledYou get new spells and better stats, HP, Mana pool
DKPDragon-Kill Pointssystem of distributing loot, assigns point value to mobs killed; points spent to "buy" loot
DLThe DreadlandsZone
DLYDelayWeapon speed
DMFDead Man FloatingNecro Spell
DMGDamageDamage done to NPC by weapons or spells
DORFDwarfRace, derogatory but funny
DOTDamage Over Time / PeridotSpell damage / Spell and trade skill component
DPDawnshroud PeaksZone
DPSDamage-per-secondDamage rating
DRDisease ResistanceYour resistance to Disease. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
DROODDruidClass / derogatory but funny/cool also: Dr00d
DRUDruidClass / also Dr00d
DSDamage Shield / DoomshadeDRU,MAG,RNG spell / Mob
DSPDawnshroud PeaksZone
EBEnduring BreathLets you breath underwater or in zone such as The Gray
ECEast CommonsZone
EFPEast Freeport / Everfrost PeaksZone's
EJEmerald JungleZone
EKEast KaranaZone
ENCEnchanter (aka Chanter)Class
EPEthereal Parchment / Experience PointsQuest item / Show as a % bar
EVACSuccor (Evacuate)Fast port to another zone or current zone safe point, slight risk of leaving someone behind
EWEastern WastesZone
EWBEREwberGreater than all
EXPExperienceShow as a % bar
FDFeign DeathNecromancer/Shadow knight/Monk skill or spell
FFAFree For AllAnyone can get/have
FGFungus GroveZone
FMFull Mana / Frontier MountainsMax mana / Zone
FoEFlight of EaglesDruid Spell
FRFire ResistanceYour resistance to fire. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
FUBARFucked up beyond all recognitionOpps, something went wrong
FVFirona Vieserver, deity, zone
GDThe Great DivideZone
GEGrieg's EndZone
GFGreater FaydarkZone - Old school auctioning zone, before bazaar
GFLUXGravity FluxEnchanter spell
GLGood Luck / Guild Leader / Group LeaderSays it all
GMRGroup Magic ResistEnchanter spell - Increases your resistance to Magic.
GNGood NightTime to sleep
GRATSCongratulationssomething went well 🙂
GTGGood To GoTelling everyone you are ready
GUGuildchat (aka /GU)Your guild chat
HHHighpass HoldZone
HHKHighhold KeepZone
HIEHigh ElfRace
HKHighhold KeepZone
HoHHalls of HonorZone
HoTHalls of TestingZone in ToV
HoTHeal over TimeHealing spell
HPHit PointsCharacters health, have lots of these is a good thing
HPHHighpass HoldZone
HPKHighhold KeepZone
HSHowling StonesZone
HTHarm TouchSK NEC Skill, can do lots of damage in small burst
ICIceclad OceanZone
IDIdentify / Improved DamageSpell / Focus item
IIRCIf I Remember CorrectlyLets hope you do 🙂
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion??
IMOIn My OpinionYour view on something
IMOAIn My Humble OpinionBeing Honest
INCIncomingYour bring a mob back to your party, hopefully to kill it
INTIntelligenceYour Intelligence. Effects INC casters mana pool. Increased by Items, Buffs.
INVInventorySpace to carry your gear / lewts
INVISInvisibilitySpell that makes you invis to some NPC's
IRLIn Real LifeNot in EQ, but in the real world
JBOOTSJourneyman BootsQuest item - Almost a must for all
JKJust KiddingJoking around
KCKarnor's Castle / Katta CastellumZone
KEIKoadic's Endless Intellect (aka Clarity 3)Enchanter mana regen buff
KITHKithicor ForestZone
KOSKill On SightNPC will attack you on sight
KSKill StealStealing someone else's mob
KTKing TormaxMob in Keal
LBLight BlueRefers to /con of PC/NPC
LDLinkdeadPlayer has lost connection to the server
LDoNLost Dungeons of NorrathExpansion
LEWTItemsSingly or collectively
LFLesser FaydarkZone
LFGLooking For GroupYour looking group of players going on the hunt
LGLower Guk (aka LGuk)Zone
LMAOLaughing My Ass OffYou think something is funny
LMFAOLaughing My Fucking Ass OffYou think something is fucking funny
LOCLocationGive your location in X, Y, Z coordinates
LoHLay On Hands / Low On HealthPaladan skill / Your health is low
LOIOLake Of Ill OmenZone
LoLLaughing Out LoudYour Laughing
LoMLow On ManaMana pool is low
LoYLegacy of YkeshaExpansion
LRLake RatheZone
LTBLight BlueRefers to /con of PC/NPC
MAMain AssistPlayer you assist in your group or raid
MAGMagician (aka Mage)Class
MCMain EnchanterCrowd Controller
MEMaiden's EyeZone
MEDMeditateHelps mana regeneration
MEMScribing a spellMemorizing a spell
MEZMesmerizeENC/BRD/NEC spell line
MHMain HealerMainly a cleric but can also be high level druids also
MINMinute60 seconds
MLMain LooterPlayer to lewt all corpse and let group know if there is anything good
MMMistmoore CastleZone
MOBMobile ObjectNPC, Monster
MPMana Preservation (aka Mana Pres)Focus item
MRMagic ResistanceYour resistance to Magic. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
MTMistell / Main TankSent a tell to the wrong person or channel / Main Warrior
NECNecromancer (aka NECRO)Class
NEKNektulos ForestZone
NEWBNewbie (aka Noobie, n00b)New player to the game
NFPNorth FreeportZone
NINJAPerson taking undeserved or undesignated lootNot a good thing to be
NKNorth KaranaZone
NMNever mindDon't worry about it
NPNo ProblemIts no problem
NPCNon-Player CharacterMob, Monster, computer character
NRONorthern Desert of RoZone
OMFGOh My Fucking GodDamn, you cant believe it
OMGOh My GodDamn, you cant believe it
OMWOn My WayYour on your way to a location or zone
OOCOut Of CharacterNon game related chat
OOMOut Of ManaMana pool is depleted
OOTThe Ocean of TearsZone
OSOld SebilisZone
OTThe OverthereZone
OTMOn The MoveGroup/Raid is about to move out
OTWOn The WayStopping OTW for a fast AFK
PALPaladin (aka PALLY)Class
PAWSplitpaw LairZone
PBAoEPoint-Blank Area Of EffectLine of spells
PCPlayer-character / Price Check / Paludal CavernsHuman player / Asking for price opinion / Zone
PKPlayer Killer (aka PKer)Player thats kills other players
PLPower-levellingHigh level character helping a low level character gain experience
PoAPlane of Air / Plane of SkyZone
PoDPlane of Disease / Priest of DiscordZone / NPC that enables you as a PKer by handing him your book
PoFPlane of FearZone
PoGPlane of GrowthZone
PoHPlane of HateZone
PoKPlane of KnowledgeZone
PoMPlane of MischiefZone
PoNPlane of NightmareZone
PoNBLair of Terris ThuleZone
PoPMOB has appeared / Planes of PowerNPC Spawned / Zone
PoSPlane of Sky / Plane of Storms / Piece of ShitZone / Zone / Insult
PoTPlane of Time / Plane of Tranquility / Plane of TacticsZones
PoVPlane of ValorZone
PRPoison ResistanceYour resistance to poison. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
PROBProbably (aka PROLLY)Most likely
PROCProcessWeapon Effect triggered by Combat
PSTPlease Send TellAsking for people to send you a tell
PULLBring a mob to the group/raidBring a mob to the group/raid
QHQeynos HillsZone
RCRumblecrush / Radiant Cure / Remove CurseMob / Grp AA Cure / Curse cure
RDYReadyYour ready
REZResurrectionCleric spell and Effect on cleric epic. Restores lost XP
RFPReady For PullReady to kill mobs
RGCRemove Greater CurseDispells curses from characters
RLReal LifeNot EQ, in the real world
RMRathe MountainsZone
ROFLRolling on the floor LaughingFind something funny
ROFLMAORolling on the floor laughing my ass offSomething very funny
RoSRing of ScaleKunark dragon faction
RTMRed To Me / Read the ManualRefers to con of PC,NPC / check your instructions
RUJRujarkianLDoN Theme
RZRallos ZekMob, server, deity
SASecondary AssistSecond player you assist for your group/raid targets
SCSpell Castingjust that
SCMSpell Casting MasteryAA Ability
SecSecondJust a second
SFGSurefall GladeZone
SHDShadow KnightClass
SHMShaman (aka SHAMMY)Class
SKShadow Knight / South KaranaClass / Zone
SKELSkeleton (aka Skelly)Mob, NPC
SLNSkin Like NatureDruid AC/HP Buff
SoCSpirit of CheetahDruid run speed Buff
SoESony Online Entertainment / Spirit of EagleCreators or EQ / Druid run speed/Lev Buff
SoLShadows of Luclin / shit outta luck / Servitor of LuclinExpansion / Unlucky / Greg's End mob
SOL ASolusek EyeZone
SOL BNagafen's LairZone
SORZStatue of Rallos ZekMob in Keal
SoSSpirit of Scale / Speed of ShissarDruid Buff / Enchanter epic effect
SoVSpeed of VallonEnchanter haste spell
SoWSpirit of the Wolf / Shield of wordsDruid run speed buff / Cleric AC Buff
SPECSpectral ParchmentPoP lewt, hand into guild leaders in PoK for spells
SRAScowls, Ready to AttackBad faction with an NPC
SROSouthern Desert of RoZone
SSRASsraeshza Temple / Emporer SsraeshzaZone / Mob
STAStaminaYour Stamina. Effects your HP. Increased by Items, Buffs.
STFUShut The Fuck UpErrr, i think you should be quite
STRStrengthYour Strength. Effects your Attack rating and amount you can carry. Increased by Items, Buffs.
SVSave versus (C - Cold, F - Fire, P - Poison, D - Disease, M - Magic)Your resistance to spell effects. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
THXThanksCheers, Ta etc
TLTranslocate, wizard travel spellPorts single character to a location
TOFSTower of Frozen ShadowZone
ToVTemple of VeeshanZone, (also NTOV, WTOV, ETOV - north, west, and east quadrants)
TOXToxxulia ForestZone
TPTeleportDRU/WIZ (aka "port", "ride", "taxi")
TRAINLarge group of monsters to nearest zone pointOnly polite to let unsuspecting players sitting at the zone
TTTrakanon's Teeth / Trakanon's Tooth / Terris ThuleZone / Item / Server, Zone, Deity
TXThanksThanks, Cheers, Ta
TYThank YouThanks, Cheers, Ta
TZTallon ZekServer, Deity
UPUmbral PlainsZone
VAHVah ShirRace
VELVelium / VeliousTrade skill components, effect / Expansion
VoQVoice of QuelliousEnchanter Spell
VPVeeshan's PeakZone
VSVersus / Venril SathirAgainst something / Server, Mob in KC
VSRVenril Sathir's RemainsMob in KC
VTVex ThalEwber Zone
WBWelcome BackNice to have the back
WCWest CommonsZone
WEWood ElfRace
WFPWest FreeportZone
WISWisdomYour Wisdom. Effects WIS casters mana pool. Increased by Items, Buffs.
WKWest KaranaZone
WMPWhen Mana PermitsWhen asking for buffs, the buffer may be LOM, just lwtting them know there is no rush
WTWeightHow much you are/can carry. Item weight
WTBWant To BuyUsed in a channel to let players know you want to buy something
WTFWhat The FuckUsed to be surprised or in shock about something
WTGWay To GoGrats
WTSWant To SellUsed in a channel to let players know you want to sell something
WTTWant To TradeUsed in a channel to let players know you want to trade something
WTTFWant To Trade ForUsed in a channel to let players know you want to trade for something specific
WWWestern Wastes / Warslik's WoodsZones
YELLOWAmount of experienceRepresents visually as a yellow bubble (starting empty and being filled) on the exp bar
YTMYellow to meRefers to /con of PC/NPC
ZINGExtinguish FatigueLetting your group you need a STA regen buff, spell

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