EverQuest 2 – Character Appearance

Character Appearance

/equip_equipment_set 0 "MaxHitpoint"Swaps Equipment sets, 0 for Adventure gear 1 for Appearance, The Set name in quotes.
/hide_illusionsHides your illusion forms
/showcloakHides or shows your cloak
/showhelmDisplays or hides helmet.
/showhoodDisplays or hides cape hood.
/showrangedDisplays your bow.
/suspend_mount_mode 0Always show mount
/suspend_mount_mode 1Hide mount during combat
/suspend_mount_mode 2Always hide mount
/toggletorchTurns on/off your personal torch.
/unequip_appearance cloakEmpties the cloak appearance slot.
/unequip_appearance headEmpties helm appearance slot.
/unequip_appearance primaryEmpties primary weapon appearance slot.