EverQuest – Console Slash Commands

EverQuest has a huge amount of “slash commands” called so because you have to enter the \ before each command. This tells EverQuest the next word is going to be a system command and also allows you to string a number of commands together via the EverQuest Macro console

The Word “Player” will be substituted by your character name

CommandDescriptionUsagewhat it does or is displayed
%TWill return current target/say <<<< %T >>>> INCOMMING!!Player says <<<< Monster_01 >>>> INCOMMING!!!
%SWill return subject gender/say <<<< %S >>>> is INCOMMING!!Player says <<<< he/She/it >>>> is INCOMMING!!!
%OWill return object gender/say <<<< %O >>>> is INCOMMING!!Player says <<<< Him/Her/it >>>> is INCOMMING!!!
%PWill return object gender/say <<<< %P >>>> is INCOMMING!!Player says <<<< His/Hers/Its >>>> is INCOMMING!!!
%RWill return race gender. Only on players./say <<<< %P >>>> is INCOMMING!!Player says <<<< Human >>>> is INCOMMING!!!
;tell .Sends a cross server tell;tell Tallon.Lovesitwould send a tell to a character named Lovesit on Tallon Zek Note: servers with 2 names in them (Tallon Zek for instance) use only the first name of the server.
/adrivertech stuff/adriverwrites sound card information to a file.
/afkPuts AFK tag up/afk making coffeeLets others know you are Away From Keyboard making coffee.
/alt activate ###Activates AA/alt activate 46Would Cast Dire Charm
/alternateadv or /alt (ON, OFF, or LIST)Lists AA's/alternateadv ListAllows you to turn AA XP, and also list all AAs available to you.
/anon or /aPuts anon tag up/anonToggles the ability for others to see your race,class, location.
/assistAssists others/assist [player]Will target the NPC that Player has got targeted.
/assist on/offToggles auto attack/assist [on/off]Toggles your auto attack when using /assist RECOMMENDED OFF
/assist groupAssists group MA/assist groupThis will assist the player who is assigned as Group MA by using the Group Leader Leadership AA (DMA).
/assist raidAssists Raid MA/assist raidThis will assist the player who is assigned as Raid MA by using the Raid Leader Leadership AA (DMA).
/auctionAuctions out items in current zone./auction Lavastone RingPlayer Auctions Lavastone Ring.
/autoinventory or /autoinvAuto Inventory/autoinvPlaces the item on your cursor into the first slot available in your inventory.
/autosplitSplits cash lewt with your group/autosplitAllows you to share cash lewted from NPC's with your group.
/betabuff or /betaBeta Server ONLY/betaIf you are on a beta server, levels your character and gives you a set of items.
/BazOpens Bazaar Window/bazOpens up the bazaar browsing window to search for items that are for sale in the Bazaar (Bazaar zone only).
/bookOpens spell book/book [1-50]Opens Spell book at page 25.
/bugOpens bug reporter/bugUse when you have found a bug.
/campCamps Player/campExits game in a safe manner.
/cast 1-8Casts spells you have on your spell list/cast [1-8]Will cast spell in slot 5.
/channelToggles chat channels/channel [gsay/ooc/shout/guild/auction]Sets default chat channel.
/charinfo or /charTells you your bind spot/charinfoYou are currently bound in: Zone name.
/chatfontsizechanges font size/chatfontsize [0-5]Highlight window you wish to change font size in.
/claimFree Item/claimCommand to allow you to claim in-game prizes for various reasons.  Usually when purchasing Box Sets instead of downloaded expansions from SoE.
/consentallows others to drag your corpse/consent [player]You have given permission for player to drag your corpse in [Zone Name]
/clearchatClears chat/clearchatClears the Chat Window's scrollback buffer. 
/clearhits Clears window/clearhits Will clear the current setting for the M2-M5 modes of the /hitsmode command. 
/considerdisplay details or character selected/con [player - NPC]displays rough guide on targets level compared with your own and how that target feels about you. You can also use right click with your mouse on a target.
/consentplayer name, group, guild, raid/consent [player name - group - guild - raid]Gives or your group, guild, or raid permission to drag your corpse.  
/combatmusicToggles in game music/combatmusic [ON - OFF]Turns on/off the playing of combat music.
/corpsedragStart draging a corpse/corpsedrag [corpse name]You target a corpse and use this command, then when you move the corpse is automatically moved with you.  Note: It is possible to have 2 corpses linked to you using this, and also possible to use /corpse to drag a third!
/corpsedropStop draging a corpse/corpsedrop [corpse name]You use this to stop dragging a corpse you where dragging with the /corpsedrag command.
/corpseDrags corpses/corpse [players corpse]using while targeting a corpse with drag it close behind you. You must have permission to do so, also see /consent.
/clearmarksClear markers/clearmarksRemoves all current NPC marks.
/declineTurn down a dual/declineYou decline Player's invitation to a dual.
/denyplayer name, group, guild, raid/deny [player name - group - guild - raid]revokes the permission previously given to or your group, guild, or raid to drag your corpse.  
/deletepetitionAllows you to delete you current /petition.
/disbandDisband from group/disband - also found on actions menuYou disband from the group.
/discipline or /discActivates a discipline/dics shield [Player name]Allows you to run a discipline from the command line, for example /disc fearless.
/dismountGet of your horse/dismountLets you get off of a horse or drogmor.
/doabilityPerforms the ability/doability [1-10]Info required.
/dopropertinting/dopropertintingTurns on/off "proper tinting," which will tint only clothes instead of skin.
/duckDucks player/duckCharacter ducks allowing to get through smaller spaces
/dualChallenge a Player/dual [Player]You have challenged [Player] to a dual to the death
/dynamiclightsToggles Light effects/dynToggles light effects such as light stones. RECOMMENDED ON
/emoteUsed to display feelings or actions/em rubs O% hands[Player] rubs her hands. Also check Everquest Emotes
/facepickBrings up the face customization screen.  Luclin only command.
/exitExit from game/exitMakes character go Link Dead. Only use in safe situations or if you know what you are doing. Otherwise use /camp.
/fastdropToggles Drop ability with prompt/fastdroptoggles a prompt so you don't accidentally drop an item. RECOMMENDED ON
/feedbackopens feedback/feedbackUse this to report feedback on items,quests etc
/filterChannel filter/filter [badword /ooc /badword /say /group /guild /shout /tell] [on/off]Toggles the various filters on and off. 
/find/find [NPC name]Brings up the find window for specific NPCs in certain zones.
/findpc/find [PC name]Uses the leadership command "Find PC" which displays a trail to the PC you specify.
/followFollows a grouped player/follow [Player]Will follow a grouped / Targeted player.
/fontface/fontface Changes the fond of the chat window to
/gmarknpc (1, 2 or 3)Uses the Group Mark NPC leadership ability, to mark 1, 2, or 3 NPCs depending on how many levels the Group Leader has.
/friendToggle a player on your friends list/friend [player]Adds Player to your friends list, type again to remove them.
/gsay or /gGroup say/g hello allYou tell the group hello.
/gemsPlays gems/gemsAnother form of tetris.
/guidehelpPlease note the /guidehelp command is for quest/event feedback, wedding requests, questions regarding quests/events. Please be aware that all Customer Service issues must go through /petition for resolution. 
/guilddeleteUsed by Guild Leaders/guilddeleteYour Guild has now been Disbanded.
/guildinviteUsed by Guild Officers/guildinvite [player]Invited player into your guild.
/getguildmotdUsed by guild officers/getguildmotd [message]This will show up after Sony's Message of the Day.
/guildpeaceUsed by Guild leaders/guildpeace [Guild Name]Declares peace with an enemy guild. Turns of PVP tag with enemy guild.
/guildleaderUsed by Guild leaders/guildleader [player]Transfers guild leadership to another.
/guildremoveUsed by Guild officers/guildremove [player]Removes player from your guild. You can also target yourself and remove yourself.
/guildsayTalk in Guild chat/gu Hi allYou tell your guild Hi all
/guildstatusDisplay player guild info/guildstatus [player]Player is not in a guild. Player is an Officer of Human Retribution.
/guildwarUsed by Guild leader/guildwar [guild name]Declares war on an enemy guild.
/helpLists some help features/help [class, normal, emote, guild, voice, chat]displays most commands.
/hidecorpseHide corpses/hidecorpse [all, none, allbutgroup]gets ride of unwanted corpses, almost a must for arena dueling.
/ignoreIgnores a player/ignore [player]ignores player.
/hotbuttonCreate new Hotbutton/hotbutton [button name]Executes the action on the hotbutton you specify.
/inspectInspects an object you have targted/inspect [target]Was used for player item inspects, now used for Lost Dungeons of Norath items. See /toggle inspect for new inspect command.
/inspectbuffs/inspectbuffs [PC Name]Uses the Inspect Buffs Leadership ability to tell you what buffs has (either in group or raid).  The second level of this Leadership AA, also tells you how long is left on the buff.
/indicator/indicator [On - Off]Turns on/off the target indicator reticle.
/inviteInvites players to your group/invite [player Name]Also found on the Actions menu.
/keysLists the keys on your keyring.
/invwinlabelstoggles descriptions/invwinToggles descriptions for full screen inventory.
/languageDisplays current language/lang [#]Sets language. Use /lang help for language numbers .
/lfgToggles Lfg/lfg [on-off]Puts LFG on so players know your "Looking for a Group"
/logToggles Log file/log [on-off]Writes all text from windows to log.txt in your Everquest directory.
/loadskin/loadskin <1/0>The 'foldername' is the name of the folder where the skin you want to load is (that folder MUST be in the UIFiles folder). The last argument should be 1 if you want to use your current INI settings for the new skin, or 0 if you want to load the positions/sizes from the XML (and then appropriately modify them for your resolution). 
/locDisplays location in alpha numeric format/locYour Location is X, Y, Z. can cross ref this with a map to get a clue or your location in the zone.
/lootLoots a corpse/loot [target corpse]Great for corpses in water, Lava or if they are stuck in a wall
/makeleader/makeleader [player name ]Using this command allows you to change the leader of your group.
/lootnodropToggles ability to loot NODROP items/lootnodrop [always,sometimes,never]Sets message for looting NODROP items. RECOMMENDED NEVER
/mcicontroltech stuff/mcicontrol [file,driver,device]Specifies CD players or MP3 players.
/memspellset/memspellset [name]Memories the current spell set, and saves it as [name].
/marknpc/marknpc [NPC]Uses the leadership command "Mark NPC" which gives an NPC a special target reticle.
/mixahead/mixahead (1 to 100)Sets the amount of sound to pre-mix, default = 8.  The lower the number the better.
/mousespeedchanges mouse speed/mousespeed [0-3]Change mouse sensitivity.
/msgSends a message/msg [player] helloYou told [player] Hello. Same as /tell
/mp3Opens up the in game mp3 player window.
/movelogUsing /movelog with a parameter of yes will tag your characters to be permanently moved to another server.  Normally only when SoE announce a server move. 
/motdDisplays the Message of the Day for your server.
/noteWrite a note/noteAdds notes to the notes.txt file in your Everquest directory
/openOpens a door your mouse is hovering over. Attempts to open LDoN traps and chests etc
/outputfile/outputfile (guild or raid or spellbook or inventory) (optional filename)Outputs a list of the relevant section to a text file in your EverQuest folder.
/oocOut Of Character/ooc How do you use tells?[Player] says out of character, How do i use tells? used for none-game related things.
/pet as you werePet forget/pet as you wereMakes pet forget previous commands.
/pet attackSend pet in to attack/pet attack [target]Your pet will attack your target. Also in the pet box.
/pet back offStand down/pet back offYour pet will stop attacking. Also in the pet box.
/pet follow mefollow's master/pet follow meYour pet will follow you everywhere.
/pet get lostSuicide/pet get lostCan also invis yourself
/pet guard hereGuard this spot/pet guard hereTells pet to stand on same some and will attack hostiles close by
/pet guard meDefends master/pet guard meTells pet to defend master
/pet health reportReports Hit points/pet report healthGives max HP of pet
/pet who leaderReports Master/pet report leaderTells everyone else around pet who's its master is
/pet report healthReport Health/pet report healthGives % of HP left in form of a tell
/pet sit downSit's pet/pet sit downPet will sit down, this helps regen its HP
/pet stand upStand's pet/pet stand upPet will stand
/pet targetTarget your pet/pet targetTargets your pet, cycling F1 also does this
/pauseInserts a pause in a macro /script command.  See Everquest Macro/scripts for more information.
/pet tauntToggles pet taunt/pet tauntIncreases mob agro towards pet. Also in the pet box.
/petitionGet GM assistance/petition [message]Use to ask a GM or guide fro assistance
/playedGet played time/playedWill display time you have been playing EQ.
/quitQuit EQ/quitInstant exit, will make you go Link dead. use carefully
/randomRandom's a number/random [number]used like rolling a dice
/replyReply's to a tell/replyCan also use 'R' key
/reportReports local text/report [name]send the local text on screen to the GM named
/resetwindowsSet default/resetwindwosSet back to default window size's and positions
/reverbToggles reverb/reverb [on/off]Turns the reverb effect on/off
/reversesoundSwaps speakers/reversesoundSwaps left and right sound channels over
/roleplayToggles play type/roleplay or /roleToggles your level and race
/rmarknpc (1, 2 or 3)Uses the Raid Mark NPC leadership ability, to mark 1, 2, or 3 NPCs depending on how many levels the Raid Leader has.
/rtarget or /rtAutomatically targets the player who just sent you a tell, and places them in the Target Window.  NOTE: This ability is subject to the range to the target.
/rewindHelps to free your character if it has become stuck in the geometry (i.e. Tree, Floor, Door, etc!). Need to stand still for 30 seconds before using.
/sayPlayer talks/say [message]People close to you will see your text/say. handy for talking to close people
/sdriverTech stuff/sdriver [file name]writes sound card info to file. default adriver.txt
/serverfilterInfo filter/serverfilter [on/off]Turns messages on/off from other players. help cut down lag on raid situations.
/shadowAllows you to turn on & off the shadows from your chat windows.
/shieldWarrior Skill/shield [Player name]activates the shield command on your current target, shileding incomming melee damage.
/shoutZone wide message/shout [message]Zone wide message meant for in-character messages.
/showgrass/showgrass [On - Off]Turns on/off the display of grass.
/shownamestoggles names/shownames [on/off]/shownames now works with the following parameters: no parameter = display the current setting, off = don't show player names over their heads, 1 = show only first names of players, 2 = show First and Last Name, 3 = show First, Last, and Guild (if any), 4 = show Title (if any), First, Last, and Guild (if any).
/shownpcnamestoggles NPC names/shownpcnames [on/off]Turns just NPC names on/off
/showspelleffectsToggles spell effects/showspelleffects [on/off]Turns on/off spell effects. ON most of the time, OFF for raids
/standWill cause your character to stand.
/stoptrackingUsed by tracking classes to stop tracking their current tracking target.
/stopcastImmediately stops casting a spell, does the same a 'D' duck.
/stopsongBards can use this command in their hotkeys to stop singing their songs.
/sitSit and stand/sitstand up, sit done
/splitSplit money/split [ # # # #]split any money your are carrying with your group.
/stopsongStops songs/stopsongStops all bard songs playing
/surnameAdds last name/surename [surename]Players over level 20 may use this command to assign a last name to their character.  This can now be used multiple times, but limited to once per month.
/tellSends tell/tell [player]send another player a message
/target or /tar /target [NPC or PC name]The command can be used to target other Players by name.  NOTE: This ability is subject to the range to the target.
/target petAllows you to target your pet, handy for those classes which have multiple pet names.
/timeDisplays time/timeDisplays Norath time
/toggleinspectToggle inspect/toggleinspect [on/off]Turns ability to inspect other players gear on/off
/trackfilterTracking filter/trackfilter [red/yellow/white/blue/green](Ranger only) - Specify here what NPC /con colors you do not want to see in your tracking display. For example, /trackfilter Red will remove all 'red' (dangerous) NPCs from your tracking display. 
/tracksort/tracksort [Normal, Distance, Consider, Rdistance, Rconsider](Ranger only) - This is used by Rangers to control how their tracking display sorts targets. Normal is by how long they have been in the zone (oldest NPCs first), Distance will put the closest NPC on top of the tracking list, Consider will put the highest level NPCs on top, Rdistance will have the closest NPC listed last, Rconsider has the tracking list from low level on top to high level below. 
/targetgroupbuff or /tgb/targetgroupbuff [on -off]Allows you to target someone in another group and buff their whole group using a buff that can be cast on a group (brells or HB, for instance)
/trackplayersTrack players/trackplayers [on/off]Removes/add players from your track display.
/trader or /tradeOpens up the bazaar vendor window to set items for sale (Bazaar zone only)
/testbuffmeIf you are on the test server, levels your character to level 25 and gives you a set of items.
/ttell/ttell [Target}Sends a tell to the player you have targeted. Also works when player's corpse is targeted.
/tracksortTrack sorting/tracksort [normal/distance/consider/Rdistance/Rconsider]Yet more filters for rangers to play with, customize to your own preference/situation
/usecolorText color change/usecolor [chat type] Rvalue Gvalue Bvaluechanges color of chat windows. Rvalue = red, G = green, B = blue. These value are 0 -255
/viewport/viewport [distance from left, distance from top, width, height]The viewport command allows you to change the size of the gameplay area on your screen. The 'gameplay area' is the area in which Norrath is displayed. 
/vgroup/vgroup #Using the new OoW voice macro feature you can now play voice number # to your group, via a chat command.
/viewpetitionAllows you to view your current /petition.
/vrdelayUsed for voice recognition/vrdelay [0-5]Changes time delay for voice recognition software
/vplay #Using the new OoW voice macro feature you can play voice number # locally, via a chat command.
/vraid #Using the new OoW voice macro feature you can play voice number # to your raid, via a chat command.
/vtell (name) #Using the new OoW voice macro feature you can play voice number # via tell to (name), via a chat command.
/whoplayer filter/who [class, level, friends, race, name]Displays players by filter name, putting a level range or number will cut down search more. Putting all on end with display everyone on server that matches.
/whoLists all Player characters in your zone.
/who allLists all Player characters in the world.
/who all Level/who all [min lvl] [max lvl]Lists all players from to that are online.
/who all Lists all of that are online.
/who all friendsLists all your friends that are online currently.
/who all GMLists all GMs that are online.
/who all GUILDLists all Player characters in your guild, even if they have /roleplay command active.
/who all/who all [guildname]Lists all Player characters online that belong to "guildname".
/who all lfgLists all players that are lfg currently.  /who all lfg or /who all lfg can narrow this down.
/who corpseLists all the corpses a Player has in the current zone.
/whotarget or /whotDoes a "/who" on the player character targeted.
/wincolor/wincolor /wincolor - This command allows players with the Velious expansion or later, to change the color and transparency of the background for all of the window boxes for the updated user interface.   Where, = CHAT, SPELL, PLAYER, PARTY, TARGET, BUFF, DATA, MAIN, INV, TRACK, or HOTBOX, = 0 to 255, = 0 = off, 1 = 25, 2 = 50, 3 = 75, 4 = 100 percent 
/yellYell for help/yell or /yPeople around you will know you need help and your approximate direction.

Other EverQuest – Console Slash Commands

Also, the LFG, AFK and LD tags will always show if names are not off. There will no longer be brackets around them, and LFG will now appear at the end of the name with the AFK and LD tags (instead of being a * at the beginning . A player character will always have a name over its head, even if they are skeletons (unless /shownames is off), with the exception of some rare cases when players are turned into certain NPCs.  Red names are PvP, Blue names are not PvP.

To reset a window color use /wincolor <window name> reset


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